CNC Congratulates Pam on her 53.5 pound weight loss success story!

Pam: 53.5 lbs Weight Loss

MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY – by Pamela Sletten


I began my journey on July 18, 2010, after recovering from arthroscopic hip surgery in April. I had gained several pounds over the course of a few years while dealing with chronic hip pain and a lack of exercise. Leading up to my surgery, I was managing my chronic pain with pain killers and muscle relaxers, as that is what the doctors were recommending at the time. My surgery was the first step in changing my life…

When I came to CNC, I weighed 191 pounds (I’m 5’6”) and was pre-diabetic. I was also in a high-risk category for heart disease (I’m 43 years old). As of this morning on my scale, I weighed in at 137.5 pounds (that’s 53.5 pounds!). I went from a size 14 (XL) to a size 6 (S) and am where I want to be. It has taken me 6 months to get here with a lot of hard work and I’m thrilled! I look forward to trying clothes on and am no longer afraid of what I see when I look in the mirror. I am officially bikini-ready!

I started with the protein-sparing “Modified Fast” for the first five months and moved to the “Exchange Program” from there. (I am now moving into “Maintenance”.) In addition to the nutritional side of my weight loss, I have been exercising on an elliptical machine 5 mornings a week since July and have been enrolled in “The Summit Challenge” at my gym which is called “Ascent Therapy Clinics” in Greenwood Village. For information on their programs and different classes available, please visit I take 2-3 classes per week in the evenings for strength-training. The classes range from “bootcamp” to “cardioblast” to “spin classes” to “Pilates”, etc… They are all run by personal trainers and the class sizes are kept to a minimum. Trust me, I haven’t felt this good in YEARS! It’s amazing how the weight loss and exercise have taken pressure off of my hip, shortening my recovery time and I can now say that I am now fully recovered and taking no pain killers or anti-inflammatories whatsoever! As a side note: based on my weight loss and being enrolled in “The Summit Challenge”, I have won a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP at my gym – now THAT is priceless!

I have tried to lose weight in the past and the difference this time is that I gave myself ALL of the necessary tools for success. I didn’t only rely on CNC – I got my body moving. J From the beginning I wrote EVERYTHING down that I put into my mouth and it made a HUGE difference. It’s very different when you see everything on paper! I tracked my carbs, calories, protein and fat on a daily basis in my journal. It made ALL the difference in the world! All I can say is… JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL!!!

A couple of things that happened through my process that I hadn’t thought of were the loss of my ENTIRE WARDROBE (a small price to pay for a lifetime of fitness and health), some clothing I had to purchase in the interim and some hair loss (that has now all grown back). I guess this has the potential to happen when you lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

This process has truly been life-changing for me for the better and forever! Thank you CNC for all of your guidance and support along the way! I know I did it on my own, but certainly couldn’t have done it without your “road map” and encouragement! I will continue to visit Mary Ellen biweekly in order to stay on track. I really appreciate the time I spend with her and the entire team – they are ALL wonderful!!! And finally, thank you Dr. Lazarus!



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