Debbie’s Weight Loss Journey

Debbie’s Weight Loss Journey

I am a young, almost 66 year old with my 8th grandchild on the way. Two years ago, I developed a form of breast cancer called DCIS and underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. A year later I broke my ankle and my weight kept going up. Even though exercise has been part of my daily routine for my entire adult life and I have always had a healthy diet and watched my portions, I still could not lose the weight I gained. I felt not only heavy for my 5’2” frame, but depressed. So, I called Clinical Nutrition Center and had a physical with Heather Thomas, the Physician Assistant. We decided to try CNC’s “Advanced Program.” Then, I met with a Registered Dietitian (Mary Ellen) over the next several months. We set a goal of losing 18-20 pounds and achieved it!

It’s been about 9 months since I took it upon myself to consciously live healthier and make better food choices. There is so much I have learned that I did not know pre-CNC, which surprised me as I always considered myself mindful of what I ate and was never really a snacker or big dessert eater. My family has always had a very active outdoor lifestyle and being overweight was not an issue for me in my younger years.

I do travel a lot and am exposed to foods I normally would not eat such as at conferences where the food is predetermined, but now I am able to control both the volume and selection of what works for me. One of the biggest improvements is in the area of increased vegetables. I have two or more servings per day with protein for dinner, low fat and no or low carbs (on special occasions). I’ve learned that skipping meals is ineffective and that the balance of protein, veggies, and minimal carbs, with attention to sugar intake is what got my body going in ways that it didn’t react to before.

In the first few months, I did pay attention to reading labels instead of just assuming all yogurts, for example, were similar. When I need a treat, I have one, in reasonable proportion. For example, I’m satisfied with a spoon of peanut butter mixed into a sugar-free pudding with a few berries. I don’t think of how I eat as a diet, but as making healthy choices. Even my husband who is not dieting, lost over 10 pounds and loves it.

I am happy to say I continue to keep the weight off and, at the same time, do not feel deprived. My exercise level is more intense with hours of bike riding, Zumba dance, and cardio machines primarily.

I lost an entire clothing size and several inches, especially around the lower half. I feel not only younger and more energetic, but more successful in everything I do. Going to CNC and getting a jump start, plus the valuable information on living healthier, is one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.

I guess this is one of those times when your adult children can teach you something new. Dr. Ethan Lazarus is my middle son and we couldn’t be more proud of each other.

-By Debbie Lazarus


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  • Dr. Lazarus says:

    Mom –
    Words can’t describe how proud I am of you. I thank your oncologist for helping you survive breast cancer. But, I thank our staff for helping you enjoy your life more. Live life to its fullest; enjoy every day!
    I love you,
    -Ethan a.k.a. Dr. L 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    Congrats Mrs. L! You look awesome! 🙂

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