HOW I LOST 30 lbs.

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Mind over temptation. That’s the key.

Before any weight loss attempt can be successful (the FIRST for me after many weight-gaining disasters), I’ve come to realize the power of our own mind. It’s been 7 months since I first decided to take my expanded muffin top and aging saddle bags seriously. After five months of regular visits to CNC dietitians, food journaling, strategic techniques to curb the quantity and selection of acceptable food entering my mouth, and most important, a regular exercise regime, I dropped both pounds and inches gradually and consistently. More than I expected to. More than I believed I ever could. Even during a week-long beach vacation. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t that hard and the compliments kept me going.

But, this decision wasn’t just about losing weight. I had hit an all new high in my cholesterol level and it was time to do something or start taking medicine as my physician warned. Both of my older sisters have high cholesterol and take daily medication. I chose to see if weight loss and eating healthier foods could bring the numbers down to a more acceptable range.

Doing the CNC Advanced Program simultaneously with one of my sisters was extremely helpful. Together, we discovered our love of dance through Zumba and when classes were not available, we’d commit to treadmill and weights workouts. Women can relate to this part: my tight size 12 jeans became 10’s, then 8’s, and now an occasional 6 even fits! And if you’ve never shopped at Eddie Bauer, their sizing system may be misleading albeit most welcome. I just got into (and therefore had to buy) pants in a size 4! (Rightly sized or not, that ticket is affixed on my bathroom mirror). I have never before owned pants called “Skinny”nor fit into my 24-year old daughter’s junior-size shorts. It’s a new experience of which she was initially jealous.

I’m also enjoying greater energy, less achy joints and a more youthful looking closet. For those of you who think I don’t eat…I eat plenty; even more than the recommended “palm full” portion. I’m learning what works for me; my body and mind. I do pay better attention to which foods offer more protein-lower carbs and I am more conscious of choosing fresh over pre-packaged foods (minus the occasional chips and granola weaknesses). Yes, I eat in restaurants, too.

All in all, CNC helped me discover what I can live with so that it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting…just living a more balanced, healthy life. Having qualified, medical professionals every step of the way really works.


  • Clean out the fridge, pantry, and cabinets of the bad stuff. Lose fat friends Ben & Jerry!
  • Put a few inspirational photos into those places (well-dressed celebrities, the beach)!
  • Pre-plan your food and always have an approved snack with you at all times.
  • Have protein every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar levels consistent/cravings down.
  • Exercise is part of a healthy body.. at least every other day! Upbeat music helps a lot, so start moving to Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga or whoever keeps you going longer. Jog/dance/tennis.. do different things. Your body gets used to the same exercise which isn’t as effective.
  • Eat with your opposite hand and/or use chopsticks for everything but soup. It slows you down.
  • Use salad plates (9”) not the bigger dinner plates.
  • Drink lots of water (slice of lemon or lime is fine). It’s better than diet drinks. Limit alcohol!
  • Avoid TV the first 4 months. Go shopping, go for a walk with music. Look for clothes that you’d like to have, remodel, paint, get to your to-do list. After losing 10 pounds, treat yourself to something new. Don’t buy too many clothes if you plan on losing more. (I made that expensive mistake twice). Pace yourself. Discover Goodwill for the interim. Get a nice massage or a new hairdo. You earned it! And the investment is worth it. A happier, new you!

Esty Atlas

PS- I dropped 40 points in my cholesterol count! Eating smart and exercising does make a difference.


3 Responses to “HOW I LOST 30 lbs.”
  • Debi Tepper says:

    Great work, you are very motivating. I have lost 70 lbs but up 10 right now and need to get motivated to take it off. Thanks for your story it helps me to read it.

    Great Going!

  • laura schiff says:

    I can relate to Esty as I went down 5! sizes in Costco jeans. Now I can’t find them small enough and I am so pleased and thankful to all of you at CNC especially Tracy. Thanks for the new adventures of living as a slim person. My cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes risk are all down, too. My husband is happy with my weight loss and his own as well. He was sort of forced into joining me in healthier eating. Thank you all!

  • Dr. Lazarus says:

    Esty, Laura, and Debi – great job! Let’s work together on making these improvements a life-long success. Thank you for giving CNC the opportunity to work with you!

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