Oops, I did it again. CNC – Take Two*

etsy updated weight loss success

Take One

My first experience with CNC was in 2010; a 30 pound success story in 5 months. Feeling great and enjoying a new wardrobe, I went on cruise control and slowly started to lose focus. The brain works in mysterious and often sabotaging ways when it comes to food. I stopped ‘checking in’ at CNC, made other things a priority, and soon discovered half of my weight loss had returned. I again switched out the clothes from the current ‘skinnier’ closet to the ‘overstock’ one. It was a lovely holiday season culinary free-for-all. Disgusted by my setback and, with a large family wedding on the horizon, (the dress for which had already been purchased in the smaller size), I was determined to get back on track within four months.

Take Two

I went back to CNC and weekly nutritional ‘learning’ lessons with Susan. Dr. Lazarus and his registered dietitians are remarkable. Their knowledge, based in current scientific medical research, will take the shame-blame-game off your shoulders and explain what really drives eating patterns. If you’re truly going to maintain weight loss to the size that best fits you, then once and for all, let these folks help you understand how your specific challenges can be overcome in your favor, without the guilt. Smarter. Stronger. Confidently going forward. No more oops!

Esty Atlas

  *Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical condition and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Lazarus about the results you can expect.

Oops, I did it again. CNC – Take Two

You look awesome, Esty!
Boy does this sound familiar. I moved out of state and slowly regained my weight loss. I kept in touch with Mary Ellen and Dr. Lazarus but really needed the face to face weekly accountability. You are so lucky to have a place like the Clinical Nutrition Center in the Denver area.
Karen Karns
It is a constant struggle! You look wonderful. Keep checking in with CNC.
Way to go Esty ... you look fantastic! :)

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