Peter: 105 lbs Weight Loss


The beauty about bungee jumping is there’s no weight restriction. It was really neat to be able to do one of those crazy sports, and not have a weight restriction. One of the things you find as a heavier person is there’s no zip lining at a certain weight, if you’re over 250 pounds you can’t go zip lining. You can’t do sky diving, you can’t do a lot of things so at family functions people would want to go zip lining and I couldn’t go. My Dad has gone indoor sky diving and he had a lot of fun, and so one of my goals is to get to a weight where I can do some of those things.

How long has your weight been an issue?

Weights been a problem for me since junior high or high school. It’s been something I’ve been aware of for a long time. My parents wanted me to lose weight when I was in junior high and high school, signed me up for a program and of course I was the oldest one in that program so I felt out of place. It was okay.  And then my wife, my first wife she was always concerned about my weight so I did another weight loss program after college, lost some weight and then lost my job and had to move so then gained some weight back. And then after my first wife passed away, I said all right its time, I’ve got to do something.

Why did you choose a medical weight loss program?

I’ve done Weight Watchers, I know how to eat, sometimes it’s tough to do it by yourself so having a doctor who looks after you and checks your blood sugar levels and things like that on a regular basis can help out quite a bit. When I started the program I was 369 pounds. It was difficult for me to go upstairs at times, I could go up a flight of stairs but I’d be winded. It was difficult for me to go on hikes; just normal everyday tasks were difficult.

What treatment plan did you decide on?

After we discussed the different programs I did decide to do the Atkins diet and we went with that, and the pounds started coming off. He also did say here’s an option to use an appetite suppressant, and I did choose to use that to help out and it did help. I went from 369 to 288. The hardest part was just starting and deciding that it’s time to start. That’s the toughest point.

Are you confident you can keep the weight off?

I’m very confident in maintaining this weight loss, and I believe I can even continue on and lose some more weight. My goal is to hit that 250 pound mark so I can do the zip lining and go indoor skydiving, and I believe I can hit that now.

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