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Have you ever worked your hardest to lose weight, only to be met with frustration later as the pounds seem to creep back on? Current science has shown that keeping weight off is actually far harder than losing it. Yo-yo dieting has been described as repeated loss and regain of body weight. It seems like every week there is a new fad diet going around town, from “Eat right for your blood type” to “Atkins.” [Read more]

“This article, co-authored by a patient living with obesity and his obesity medicine specialist, reviews how the patient has successfully lost 200 lb and maintained that loss for over a decade. This was achieved primarily with a behavioral intervention including support visits, a structured food plan, and changes in his physical activity. He did not undergo bariatric surgery. For the majority of this time, he was not treated with anti-obesity medication. This article will review how the patient lost the weight and kept it off, particularly in relationship to the importance of decreasing sedentary time.” [Read more]




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Our bodies are constantly exposed to the environment. These days, we consume more sugar, trans-fats, and highly processed foods than ever before, not to mention foods that have been genetically modified and/or treated with antibiotics. Symbiotic bacteria living in our digestive system are responsible for helping us digest our foods, absorb nutrients and aids in […]

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