Treatment plans bundle all needed services into one easy payment plan.
check mark You are also welcome to use our services à la carte.
check mark Our Membership Program offers you long-term support.
check mark Appetite suppressant / Weight Loss medications can be used (or not) with any approach.
check mark Meal replacements may be used, as can healthy whole foods, or any combination thereof.

20 Week Plan (20 visits in 20 weeks)

$250 to start, then $85 weekly for 19 more weeks.*

Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive new patient visit (1 hour with provider, 30 minutes with RDN)
  • Full lab including CBC, Chem Panel, Liver function, Cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1c, TSH, and Vitamin D levels
    • Blood tests: Diagnostic Profile every 4 weeks thereafter
  • EKG
  • Monthly Body Composition analysis on our SECA medical BCA
  • Weekly Visits – 3 with RDN, 1 with Provider. These can be in-person, phone or telehealth

Transition Plan (12 visits in 24 weeks)

$85 every other week for 24 weeks.*

Program Includes:

  • Visits every other week with RDN x 3, then every 4th visit with a Provider
  • Blood tests: Diagnostic Profile every 8 weeks
  • EKG
  • Body Composition every 8 weeks


$80 every 4 weeks*

Program Includes:

  • Visits every 4 weeks with RDN or Provider; every 3rd visit with a Provider
  • Blood tests: Diagnostic Profile, TSH and Hemogobin A1c once a year
  • EKG once a year
  • Body Composition every 12 weeks

Á la carte

Fee Schedule:

  • Visits
    • Provider: $99
    • RDN: $65
  • Testing
    • EKG: $50
    • Body Composition Analysis with SECA mBCA: $50
    • Diagnostic Profile (blood count, chem panel, kidney, liver, cholesterol): $55
    • TSH: $35, Hemoglobin a1c: $24, Vitamin D level: $50

*Cancel at any time with no fees. These fees are subject to change at any time. The purchase of prescription medications and foods from us is completely optional – programs do not include the cost of medication or food. We stock many medications, but you are welcome to request a written prescription or have our providers e-prescribe to the pharmacy of your choice. The fee quoted for the Transition Plan and Membership do NOT include the new patient visit – this is included in the price of the 20 Week Plan.