At Clinical Nutrition Center, we welcome you to see our kind and caring staff at the center for as many of your visits as you’d like; however, we recognize that for most individuals, this can be difficult to accomplish. Therefore, we are pleased to also offer the option of video telehealth visits and/or phone visits.

Please note that we are only licensed to provide care for people in Colorado – we cannot provide telehealth medical care to people who are outside of Colorado.

The initial visit with the physician / PA should be conducted in-person. Subsequently, it is your choice whether to do follow-up visits with the dietitian in-person or via telehealth. Your healthcare provider and you can decide how many visits to do in-person versus virtual. Virtual visits can be incredibly helpful for our patients who live in the mountains, have young children, or want to do a quick visit on their lunch break at work. They can also be used last-minute, for example, if the car isn’t working, if there is a winter storm, etc. Many of our patients are doing some in-person / some virtual – we like to call this approach hybrid weight management.

There is no additional cost to perform your visit via telehealth.

Telehealth links are below, or you can also find them on our patient portal – links are below the login screen.

We strongly encourage you to make sure your phone/tablet/computer browser is properly setup if doing a video visit by visiting this link.

*Note that telehealth medical visits with Dr. Ethan Lazarus and Heather Thomas, PA-C are only allowed if you are located in Colorado during the time of your visit, as their medical licenses do not extend beyond Colorado. For dietitian visits, rules vary by state.