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Modified Fast

Protein Sparing Modified Fast / Nutrifast
Rapid Weight Loss Program

The Protein Sparing Modified Fast is designed to give the fastest possible pace of weight loss. This is the most aggressive weight loss program that Dr. Lazarus prescribes, and when followed closely with proper medical supervision, it is extremely effective for our patients. By eating primarily protein (lean meat, fish, fowl, and protein supplements) and a few non-starchy vegetables, we will structure your program to maximize results. Weight loss on the Modified Fast averages 14 to 16 pounds per month.

About our VLCD (very low calorie diet) / Modified Fast

Patients seeking to lose weight at a more moderate pace, or patients with less than 20 pounds to lose are generally advised to consider the Advanced Program. However, patients desiring the most rapid pace of weight loss may choose this approach. By structuring the diet with adequate, high quality protein and balancing in the minimum necessary amount of carbohydrate and fat the body is forced to burn fat as a primary fuel source. Some protein supplementation (minimum 2 per day) is required to insure high quality, improve variety, and to protect muscle mass even at this very reduced calorie count.

Most patients on a VLCD experience little hunger and have good energy levels. If needed and appropriate, appetite suppressant medication can be added.

This type of meal plan is appropriate only in relatively healthy individuals with a significant amount of weight to lose. It is imperative to have proper medical supervision to insure it is done properly and safely. The Modified Fast transitions easily to an Advanced Program, or to an Individualized Exchange Program for long-term maintenance.

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