Dr. Ethan Lazarus Named Healthcare Provider Advocate of the Year

At the annual meeting of The Obesity Society (TOS), Dr. Lazarus was the proud recipient of an award. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) announced Dr. Lazarus as the recipient of this award for his continuous advocacy for patients. He has been instrumental in advocating for the declaration of obesity as a disease by the American Medical Association and continues […]

Every year we see different food trends, 2017 brought a lot of them, some stuck around and some are long forgotten. I am here to talk about the food trends you are sure to see in 2018! In 2017, we saw a huge increase in consumers shifting towards a more plant-centric eating style, with less processed foods and more fruits and vegetables. [Read more]



Chocolate Protein Mugcake

Posted In: Nutrition By Kristin Coggins

Christmas is right around the corner and unhealthy treats have been the star of the show at every holiday party and work event. Don’t let the season full of treats steer you away from your healthy eating plan! Below is a protein mug cake recipe that is sure to satisfy your sweet craving and even give you a boost of protein along with it! [Read more]

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