Obesity Care Week

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This week (March 2nd 2020) we at Clinical Nutrition Center are proud supporters of Obesity Care Week. Right now, two out of three Americans are at an unhealthy weight. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that by 2030, nearly one in two adults will have obesity, and nearly one in four will have severe obesity. […]

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Nutrition: A Basic Primer To Properly Fueling Your Body

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While the average American is inundated with news about diet and nutrition, it is often this surplus of information that creates misinformation. Having a working knowledge of nutrition is not only essential to making the right choices for yourself, it will also help you determine fact from fiction the next time someone tells you about the latest diet they are on. Nutritionists spend years in school to become experts, but all you need is a basic understanding of nutrients, calories and what they mean for your body. [Read more]

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Learn to Control Your Diet without Letting It Control You

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Going on a diet usually means following a strict set of guidelines. You know before you even start exactly how many calories, points or fat grams you’re allowed to consume and your favorite foods are almost always taken off the menu. You’re led to believe that all you have to do is jump right into the plan and soon you’ll be shedding the pounds. [Read more]

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Cut the Fat and Up the Protein with These 3 Easy Food Substitutions

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It’s the mysterious yellow condiment with which we smother everything from tuna salad to BLTs. Unfortunately, mayonnaise is high in cholesterol. That’s because it’s made with eggs–and not the healthier white part of the egg, either. Mayonnaise is made solely with the yolk–the part of the egg that’s highest in cholesterol, fat, and calories. So, how can you get that creamy, slightly tangy taste in a healthier form? Try substituting plain, low-fat Greek yogurt. You’ll completely cut the cholesterol while getting a healthy serving of protein. A typical 6-ounce serving of Greek yogurt contains 15 to 20 grams of protein. Your coleslaw recipe just got a lot healthier! [Read more]

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Are Dried Banana Chips Healthy?

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The good news is that these chips deliver several valuable nutrients. For example, a one-third cup serving contains around one gram of protein and another gram of fiber. It also provides magnesium, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, and potassium in small quantities. These nutrients benefit your eyes and may prevent high blood pressure. [Read more]

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