Individuals desiring a rapid weight loss program with more variety than the Fasting Program or OPTIFAST Meal Replacement choose the ADVANCED Program.  While similar in basic structure to the Protein Sparing Modified Fast (emphasizing protein and vegetables) the ADVANCED Program adds back in more carbohydrates in the form of  fruit and dairy. If you prefer simplicity, protein supplements from the Modified Fast and/or the OPTIFAST programs can be used to replace some of your meals or just to increase your protein intake and control hunger.

By combining partial meal replacement with our medical weight loss foods and healthy food choices, preparation and decision making is minimized, and results are maximized. In fact, when properly structured, Advanced Program participants can lose a similar amount of weight as with our other, more aggressive options.

Because the structure of our food plans is similar, it is very easy to transition from an Optifast Program or from a Modified Fast Program to the ADVANCED Program.  In fact when we transition a patient from Optifast or from the Modified Fast to the ADVANCED Program, weight loss typically continues.  This is a nice stepping stone on the way to a Maintenance Program because it still keeps most of the problem foods (those with the highest amounts of carbohydrates or fats) out of sight and out of mind.

Appropriately selected individuals may benefit from the use of appetite control medication while on the ADVANCED Program.  As with all of our programs, the use of these medications is optional.

Patients on the ADVANCED Program lose weight quickly and enjoy a simple transition to a maintenance program after achieving their goal weight.