The OPTIFAST® Full Meal Replacement Program provides you with rapid and safe weight loss by replacing all of your meals with specially formulated shakes, soups and bars. This proven weight loss formula had been successfully used by over 1 million individuals and when followed closely provides excellent weight loss*.

As part of our comprehensive 20 week treatment plan, our patients who follow a full Optifast program (or a full Optifast with 1 solid meal) experience the greatest weight loss when compared with other approaches.**

Optifast full meal replacement is highly effective because it removes food choices from the equation.  When we remove all the food queues, people find that they are not hungry.  We are able to keep the calories at the ideal amount for rapid weight loss, but unlike many diets, hunger goes away and energy levels remain good. Optifast foods are rich in protein and low in carbohydrate, providing the best ratio of high quality protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids to stimulate weight loss while curbing appetite and protecting against muscle weight loss.

ST Soups & Ready To Drink

During your Optifast diet program, you’ll also be working closely with our Medical weight loss doctor and your Registered Dietitian receiving nutritional and behavioral support and medications as needed to make sure you are successful. Studies have shown that this ongoing support is a key element in successful long-term weight control.

Weekly office visits are required during your Optifast weight loss program.  At these visits, we will monitor your program for safety and effectiveness.  We will also provide support and teaching.  We begin working on the Optifast Lifestyle Education Series at your first visit.  This series is designed to help you learn one skill at a time so that you are able to keep the weight off.

Full meal replacement removes all of your choices and decision making, resulting in a very simple meal plan that is easy to follow. The limited selection of flavors removes most of the environmental appetite stimulant queues, and most individuals experience little hunger while on Optifast. When you are ready, our staff will gradually reintroduce regular food and help you structure a food plan appropriate for life-long maintenance.


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