Q: Why should I choose Clinical Nutrition Center in Denver, CO?

A: Clinical Nutrition Center takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. We treat weight problems with the same respect as any other medical condition like Diabetes or Heart Disease. We have found that by treating weight problems with the respect they deserve, our patients can often come off of medications for the related conditions (like insulin, blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medications, etc) and manage the conditions with weight management instead.

In approaching weight problems with the same respect as other chronic medical conditions, we emphasize the following:

1) Medical supervision by a physician well-trained not only in the science of weight loss, but in all of the medical conditions associated with excess weight. Dr. Lazarus’s Board Certification in Family Medicine means he can optimize treatment for: Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Insomnia, Depression, Thyroid Problems, etc. Often medications that help control the weight can be substituted for medications that cause weight gain. Also, it is critical to identify and treat related problems to ensure safe weight loss and maintenance. Why work so hard to lose weight if your undiagnosed thyroid condition will make weight maintenance so difficult? By identifying all other potential problems, you will maximize your chances at success! Only by treating obesity as a medical condition can these goals be met.

2) Nutritional Supervision by a highly experienced Registered Dietitian. CNC is proud to offer the most highly trained and experienced Registered Dietitians in the Denver area. They will teach you the latest in nutritional science. No more fad diets. No more excuses. By utilizing the latest in nutritional thinking and behavior modification, you will find that our dietitians give you somebody to be accountable to, and can actually make your weight loss and maintenance experience enjoyable.

3) A support system. While Dr. Lazarus can help treat depression and other psychological issues medically, and the Dietitians can help manage eating behavior, some patients need a more intensive behavioral approach. We are pleased to offer psychotherapy services for those patients needing more help.

4) Use of prescription appetite control / weight loss medications including Phentermine and Tenuate

Prescription medications can be very helpful for weight loss and weight maintenance. Many patients tell us that these safe medications really helped them on their journey to success. Dr. Lazarus (and/or our Physician Assistant, Heather Thomas) will evaluate to see if you can safely use prescription medication, and make this available if appropriate. When used appropriately in the right individuals, these medications are safe, effective, and not expensive. When appropriate, Dr. Lazarus will provide you with information on the benefits and risks of such prescription medications.

5) We’ll be here to help you for the long-haul: Our psychotherapist, Mickey, has been with us since the beginning. Our office manager, Lisa, has been with us for over 17 years. And several of our registered dietitians have been with us for 15 to 20 years or more. Our more recent additions were all hand-picked from a large pool of potential applicants, and all have over 10 years of clinical experience.

6) Stop wasting your money! Many people spend so much of their money on useless over the counter products for weight loss, nutritional supplements, unnecessary vitamin supplements, fruit and vegetable extracts, etc. It is likely that many of these products, despite being expensive, can cause more harm than good. CNC encourages discontinuation of all these products unless they are recommended by your physician to treat a specific condition. We will not promote these types of products, or try to sell you useless fads. At CNC, you will not find useless weight loss shots (none of them are effective), “cellulite reduction” wraps or shots (again, not money well spent), useless supplements or useless expensive products.

Our goal is to teach YOU to do it!