Dr. Lazarus in the Media

Overcoming medical barriers to weight loss

Read this informative article where Dr. Lazarus was interviewed and discussed obesity treatment in the article “Overcoming medical barriers to weight loss”

Few Signs of a Taste for Diet Pills

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Person-first, preventive approach needed to tackle obesity

Dr. Lazarus was interviewed by  the AMA/AMA Wire, on how to overcome the stigma associated with obesity, in this article “Person-first, preventive approach needed to tackle obesity”

Why Calling Obesity a Disease Is a Good Thing

Ethan Lazarus, MD, a weight loss expert in Denver comments on “Why Calling Obesity a Disease Is a Good”

Journey Talk Live

Dr. Lazarus was the featured guest on Journey Talk Live, a show hosted by Dr. Nick Slenkovich. Dr. Slenkovich is a plastic surgeon in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This interview explores the ins and outs of medical weight loss.
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Overcoming Misperceptions About Diabetes

Dr. Lazarus was interviewed for this great article posted in the WSJ, “Overcoming Misperceptions About Diabetes”
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