Alison: 50 lbs weight loss

“Yesterday I ordered a piece of banana bread from a coffee shop, ate less than half, and then forgot about the remaining part on my plate.  I wasn’t full. I was satisfied, and my interest and focus simply drifted to something else.  If this sounds “normal” to you, then cherish that and skip this testimonial. If your “normal” sounds like mine did-  where it is more likely to eat an entire second serving of a meal or to sneak desserts and eat them in private – then you should listen. 

The most profound change that Dr. Lazarus’ program has had on my life, is that I have complete freedom from the constant food noise that I was so accustomed to.  My binge eating, impulse snack purchasing, sneaking food, always staking out the next bite- these were all symptoms of a complex condition, and (newsflash!) NOT proof that I was weaker or less disciplined than my fit friends. Since starting treatment with Dr. Lazarus, I have lost 50 pounds and gained years of healthy living.  But honestly, these amazing benefits pale in comparison to the peace that I feel from the absence of obsessive food thoughts.  It’s like a light switch turned them off.  I’m still in awe of how much time I wasted on food thoughts before, and how much more capacity I have to enjoy life now that they are gone. “

Alison before and after 50 lbs weight loss