Six months ago, when I first stepped into the Clinical Nutrition Center in Denver, my status of being clinically obese was a stark reflection of a series of health hurdles. At 41, the litany of issues included borderline diabetes, GERD, hypertension, sleep apnea, and an ever-present threat of metabolic disease. My history was punctuated with a relentless cycle of dieting and fitness routines. From Keto to Vegan, running to boot camps, each new regimen seemed promising, only to end in familiar disappointment. It felt like I was trapped in a perpetual loop: every step forward was met with several steps backward.

Enter Dr. Lazarus and his dedicated team.

Their method stood out from the get-go. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, they listened intently, seeking to understand my unique challenges. Each session with Dr. Lazarus was a revelation. His team delved deep, not just into my medical history, but into the patterns that led to the constant yo-yoing of weight and health. It wasn’t just about treating symptoms; it was about addressing root causes.

Fast forward to today, and the change is nothing short of remarkable. Not only have I moved away from the label of ‘clinically obese’, but the myriad health issues that once plagued my daily life have seen a tremendous turnaround. What’s more, the pill bottles that once cluttered my cabinet are gone. No more medications. The once monotonous cycle of dieting and rebounding? Broken. I’ve found a sustainable path to health, and the sense of balance I feel isn’t just physical—it’s deeply mental and emotional too.

The progress I’ve achieved has been profound: from freeing myself from medications to achieving an A1C reading of 5.3. But the transformation isn’t just about numbers. It’s about rediscovering a zest for life, regaining confidence, and, importantly, breaking free from the past’s constraints.

This rejuvenation wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Lazarus and his team. Their unwavering dedication, unmatched expertise, and genuine care have not just provided medical solutions—they’ve gifted me a renewed lease on life.

For anyone reading this, feeling trapped in a similar whirlwind of health challenges, I hope my journey serves as a beacon. With determination, the right guidance, and a team like Dr. Lazarus’s behind you, the path to wellness isn’t a distant dream—it’s a tangible reality.

brady simmons before losing weight
Brady after weight loss