Donni 42 lbs Weight LossIf someone had told me a year ago that I would be forty pounds lighter, go hiking in hot, humid Costa Rica, and soar through the air on the mother of all zip lines over the canopy of a very tall rain forest, I probably would have laughed and said, “I wish.” A person should be careful what one wishes for. I celebrated my 71st birthday in July and got my wish. I did all three of these phenomenal things in 2015 with the tremendous help from Dr. Lazarus and his team at CNC.

I credit CNC, my daughter, Jennifer, and my own determination and strong desire to improve my health and lifestyle for my success. CNC provided the tools and supervision I needed. Jennifer said she would take me to Costa Rica if I would go on the zip line at Arenal. Zip lining was the highlight of our trip, and Jennifer was proud to tell the others zip lining with us that I was 71 years old and had lost 40 pounds to do it. Hiking in the forests was miserable because of the heat, humidity and hills, but I had the stamina I never would have had a year ago. I felt years younger. I was resolved to not be the old lady who needed extra harnesses to zip line because of my size or to get too winded while hiking. I was and am committed to enjoying a healthy new life style.

The motto of Costa Rica is “Pura Vita” which means pure life. I feel I am well on the way to my own “Pura Vita” thanks to the positive changes weight loss has made in my life.

Donni Weight Loss Success Update

donni parasailingMy “new life” adventure has continued onto another improbable activity. My travel buddy, Jennifer, and I went back to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, after last year’s very leisurely and inactive mini-vacation there.

Our plan was for another calm, sunny trip to an all-inclusive resort to drink, eat, and lay around on the beach. We did a lot of those things, but after watching and pondering activities on the beach as we relaxed with books on the lounge chairs, we came to an exciting decision. I told Jennifer if she would go first, I would go parasailing. I watched her sail through the air and gathered up my courage.

One month before my 72nd birthday, I got tethered up and was lifted into the air. The experience was both relaxing and exhilarating. I just leaned back and enjoyed the quiet, peaceful, and pleasurable feeling of being up in the air seeing the beautiful aqua ocean and busy beach below me. I would do it again in a minute if given the chance. Before my weight loss, I never would have even considered going parasailing. My thanks again to Dr. Lazarus and CNC.