Kristi Getting Started

I was diagnosed in 2008 with ovarian cancer, I was 33 years old. My initial tests that Dr. Lazarus did with me included an EKG to make sure that my heart was healthy enough to do this, which was important after the health problems I’ve had. He also did a full panel of blood tests with me and tested numerous things, enough that I could take that blood work to my oncologist.

Within the first six days of this I’ve lost six pounds, which is incredible.  That’s a pound a day!  That’s not anything I thought would have happen, and that happening is exciting to me and makes me want to work even harder because this is something that is working.

Part of my commitment to this is to be around for my kids when they’re older and for my grand kids. And if I’ve beaten cancer five times, then I certainly need to beat my weight problem. I really had no idea what I was doing before this, but having Dr. Lazarus and Mary Ellen helping me out, they help educate you as you go along.

I feel like Clinical Nutrition Center is giving me a gift. They’re making me a stronger better person, and I’m going to be a good example to my kids, and I’m going to be here for my kids. And I’m going to be here for my husband. To have started it and to still be as excited as I am and be as willing as I am, and know that I have a group cheering me on, and helping me with every piece of it is amazing.

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