Travis before and after losing over 100 pounds

What motivated you to work with us at Clinical Nutrition Center?

I wanted to do more things.  I couldn’t go camping, hiking, or play basketball with my kids.

What was one of your biggest accomplishments during this journey?

My son is a Boy Scout and the organization organizes a camp called the High Adventure Boy Scout Camp.  This is a rigorous 12 day backpacking trip, and my son really wanted to go.  I told my son I probably couldn’t even go half of a mile, and we couldn’t attend, and my son looked really disappointed.  Soon after, I started working with Dr. Lazarus and Clinical Nutrition Center and lost a lot of weight.  We were notified a few months later that someone that had signed up for the trip and couldn’t make it, and he asked if I wanted to go and take his place.  I started training, and a year and a half later, after getting in shape and losing over 100 pounds, I went with my son. We hiked 90 miles through the New Mexico mountains (elevation up to 12,000 feet), and scorching sun.  It was an amazing experience.

Are there any other ways the weight loss has changed your life?

I decided to make a major career change. I lost the weight while in a career in banking (working behind a desk).  I found it was really hard to keep weight off sitting behind desk.  Once I could do more and be active, I wanted to do more.  I also decided I wanted to be in charge of my own schedule.  I started my own company called Suck It Up Tile and Carpet Cleaning and I’m doing active, physical work every day.  It’s hard work, but I’m in charge of my own schedule, I’m not sitting behind a desk all day, and I really enjoy it!

Anything else you would like to share?

So I lost 100 pounds, and I have kept almost all of it off for 4 years now. I did this with the help of Dr Ethan Lazarus, who is an Obesity Doctor, Susan Ellis (my Registered Dietitian) and the staff at Clinical Nutrition Center , who are amazing.  They treat obesity as a medical condition, and guess what? It is now recognized as a medical condition. Dr Lazarus has really changed my life. As far as I know there are only a few true obesity doctors in the country. So please go to Clinical Nutrition Center’s website and check it out. One of your friends might really need his help.