Meal plans range from Full Meal replacement to fully individualized meals
check mark Mix and match approaches to suit your needs
check mark Individualized approach determined by you and our professional staff


Quick, simple medical weight loss program. Optifast foods offer 100% of the RDA for all nutrients while limiting calories and maximizing fullness.


Quick medical weight loss program with wholesome store-bought foods. May use meal replacements if desired, as well as lean meat, fish, fowl and non-starchy vegetables.


Quick medical weight loss program but more variety. While still emphasizing protein through meal replacements (if desired) and proteins, fruit and dairy are added back in as well for a more balanced approach.


A customized solution based on your preferences. Results tend to be less rapid than the above choices, as variety and flexibility are emphasized. Our goal is to transition to an individualized program for long-term sustained weight.


FDA-Approved prescription Anti-Obesity Medications (also called weight loss medications or appetite suppressants) are a safe and effective way to improve weight loss and weight loss maintenance. For people with a BMI of 27 or more, weight loss medications can be used as part of your comprehensive weight loss program to help you lose weight and keep it off.

*The purchase of foods from us is completely optional. You are welcome to purchase Meal Replacements from us, healthy foods from the store, or any combination thereof.