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Web MD ran an interesting article about a study that followed individuals in their 70’s for nearly two decades. Getting regular exercise, staying engaged with friends and family, and abstaining from smoking were all associated with longer life, even for an individual who is already over 70 years old. These healthy traits added, on average, […]

We all fall into routines. Routines are a normal, and usually positive pattern. But sometimes it’s nice to shake things up, set goals and break out of normalcy. The spring and summer in Colorado are packed with hundreds of organized races, walks, bike rides and hikes. Often times having an organized event to look forward […]

Healthy, housebound and full of holiday cheer? Give yourself the gift of exercise. Plummeting temperatures, short tempers and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” being played on a loop at a Walgreens store near you are perhaps the most telling signs that the holidays are here, but spikes in patronage at gyms […]