How to Focus on Health Over Weight *

Posted: Nov 26 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition by

A lot of attention is focused on that magical number on the scale. Even people who, for all intents and purposes, are at a healthy weight and in good physical shape somehow manage to obsess about every pound they see. It’s no wonder, really, when society is obsessed with youth and fitness. [Read more]

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Are Liquid Calories Sabotaging Your Diet? *

Posted: Nov 05 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition by

Every health-conscious individual, whether they are overweight or simply struggling to maintain an ideal weight, is monitoring caloric intake in one form or another. It might be in the form of counting calories, measuring portions, tracking carbohydrates, grams of protein, or a dozen other equations used to maintain control over calorie intake. Healthy people want to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies. [Read more]

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What You Drink Matters for Weight Loss *

Posted: Oct 22 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss by

It may not seem very important, but what you drink when you’re dieting can make a huge difference in how much weight you will lose. It is just as important as what you eat and how much you exercise. [Read more]

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How To Stick With Your Diet In Spite Of Your Busy Life *

Posted: Oct 08 in Nutrition, Weight loss by

Every diet starts with good intentions. But, most of the time, the demands of life take over, and all your good intentions fade away. [Read more]

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How To Stay Motivated On Your Diet *

Posted: Oct 04 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss by

Don’t you dare give up! You’re tired, things aren’t working out as you planned, and that pizza looks as enticing as a Hawaiian vacation. But you’re forgetting about your real, life-changing aspirations and what you want for yourself in the long run. [Read more]

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