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Skim, 2%, or Full-Fat Dairy? *

Posted: Aug 02 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition by

I still remember crying as a child as my mother switched us from normal milk to skim milk. “Yucky!” I said to her. But in the late 1970’s, we believed that all fat in foods was bad and would contribute to obesity and heart disease. This belief was founded on the idea that gram for […]

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Beyond Body Mass Index (BMI) *

Posted: Jun 17 in Health And Wellness by

I had the pleasure of serving as a delegate at the American Medical Association’s (AMA) 2023 Annual Meeting in June. It was exactly 10 years ago that obesity was recognized by the AMA as a disease, at my first meeting serving as a delegate. I wrote policy which passed at the interim meeting calling on […]

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Happy Mind, Healthy Body *

Posted: Jun 11 in Health And Wellness by

Many people continue to erroneously believe that their body size is simply the result of how much they eat and how much they move. Of course, reality is seldom so simple. Why people eat how they do and move how they do is far more interesting. Many patients come to see me hoping that if […]

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Finding Happiness *

Posted: Mar 21 in Health And Wellness by

As Spring has now sprung, I can’t tell you how many patients tell me the same thing: “If I could just lose some weight, I would be so much happier!” Well, unfortunately I think this opens a larger can of worms and leads to a bit of a chicken vs. egg argument. Believing that weight […]

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More Evidence on the Risks of Ultra-Processed Foods *

Posted: Feb 01 in cancer, Nutrition by

A lot of evidence has emerged on the dangers of ultra-processed foods of late. Ultra-processed foods are food items which have been heavily processed during their production, including soft drinks, mass-produced packaged breads, cookies and cakes, salty snacks, many ready meals / frozen meals, hot dogs, cold cuts, fast food, and most breakfast cereals. They tend to […]

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