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Tips to Help You If You Experience Heartburn During Exercise *

Posted: Dec 17 in Health And Wellness by

You might expect a little heartburn after a rich, spicy meal. It’s possible to experience a burning in the chest and the throat in the middle of a workout, as well, however. If this happens to you, you should know that you aren’t alone. Many athletes tend to experience the problem; some people tend to be more prone than others. [Read more]

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Tips for Maintaining That Hard-Won Weight Loss Goal *

Posted: Dec 10 in Health And Wellness, Weight loss by

Any serious dieter will tell you that losing the weight, although a struggle, is the easy part. Maintaining your victory after you see that desired number on the scale is an ongoing challenge. Somehow your body just wants to return to its pre-diet comfort level. What can you do to keep those unwanted pounds from returning to their former place of residence? [Read more]

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Six Reasons to Take a Walk *

Posted: Dec 03 in Activity Recommendations, Health And Wellness, Weight loss by

Health and fitness are popular topics of discussion, even among the most sedentary people. Nearly everyone understands the importance of moving their body. Not everyone can or wants to commit to a rigid exercise program or a time block at the gym. Fortunately, there’s an exercise option for the majority of people that is relatively easy and only takes as much time as you want to devote to it. Walking is, by far, the most unrestricted fitness activity out there. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and somewhere to go. The benefits are huge on so many levels. [Read more]

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How to Focus on Health Over Weight *

Posted: Nov 26 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition by

A lot of attention is focused on that magical number on the scale. Even people who, for all intents and purposes, are at a healthy weight and in good physical shape somehow manage to obsess about every pound they see. It’s no wonder, really, when society is obsessed with youth and fitness. [Read more]

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How to Encourage Your Friend’s Weight Loss *

Posted: Nov 19 in Activity Recommendations, Health And Wellness, Weight loss by

Maintaining a successful weight loss program can be hard. You may be following a doctor’s guidelines. You watch your portions and stay committed to your gym schedule. You keep your journal or record your efforts every day. You know it’s hard. [Read more]

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