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Women, Health, and Money: Could Low Income Cause Weight Issues? *

Posted: Aug 22 in Health And Wellness, Reading List, Weight loss by

Women in low-income households have to deal with numerous challenges. And it turns out, their weight might be one of them. Experts found that individuals with less income tend to eat more unhealthy foods when they’re stressed. This can sabotage their diets and lead to a plethora of health problems. That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless, however. [Read more]

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8 Ideas That are Useful to Have Before You Start on a Weight-Loss Plan *

Posted: Aug 15 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss by

Anyone who has successfully been through a weight-loss program can vouch for the fact that the process can be challenging. Weight-loss enthusiasts learn a number of lessons from their time losing weight, and often wish that they had known those things earlier. [Read more]

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How to Keep Weight Off After You Lose It *

Posted: Aug 10 in Activity Recommendations, Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss by

Losing weight is only half the battle. Keeping the pounds you’ve lost from returning over time is the real challenge of long-term weight loss. Here are a few proven ways to keep weight off after you lose it. [Read more]

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Eating and Drinking Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight *

Posted: Aug 06 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss by

Losing weight is greatly affected by the foods and drinks you choose to consume. No matter how active you are, what you put into your boy can make or break your weight loss success. Here are four tips for eating and drinking that will help you lose weight. [Read more]

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Creating a Diet Diary for Weight Loss *

Posted: Aug 01 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight loss by

Not everything to do with losing weight needs to be hard. There is one thing that you can do that takes practically no time, but that offers a great return on your investment: You can maintain a food journal. [Read more]

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