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Mounjaro™ for Weight Loss *

Posted: Jun 22 in Weight Loss Medication by

The FDA has approved a very exciting medication called Mounjaro™. Although approved for treatment of type 2 diabetes, a side effect of Mounjaro™ is weight loss. The same molecule, tirzapeptide, is being researched for weight loss as well. Mounjaro™ is the newest in the class of GLP-1 analogues. GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide 1) is a hormone […]

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Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Weight Loss Medication Update *

Posted: May 31 in Weight Loss Medication by

There is a lot of interest in developing safe and effective weight loss medications. Right now, we are seeing great results with a class of medications called GLP-1 analogues. GLP-1 stands like “Glucagon like peptide 1.” GLP is a hormone produced by the small intestine as a response to eating a meal. It tells the […]

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Weight loss medication plus exercise best for Maintaining Weight Loss *

Posted: Feb 03 in Weight loss, Weight Loss Medication, Weight Management Strategies by

Most people I speak with are concerned about one thing – “How much weight can I lose, and how quickly can I lose it?” (Okay – that’s two things). The majority set personal weight loss targets far exceeding what is typically seen. I spend a lot of time counseling people on realistic goals and expectations. […]

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When to Stop Weight Loss Medication *

Posted: Jun 29 in Weight Loss Medication by

Perhaps the most common question I get from both referring doctors and patients is, “When should weight loss medication be stopped?” In the good old days, it was thought that if a person could lose weight and keep it off for a time, the body would accept this lower weight as a new setpoint, and […]

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New Weight Loss Medication Wegovy™ Approved by the FDA *

Posted: Jun 04 in Weight Loss Medication by

Today the FDA approved semaglutide 2.4 mg weekly injection for chronic weight management. The brand name will be Wegovy™.* The molecule semaglutide has been used for the treatment of type II diabetes for the past 5 years at doses of up to 1 mg. Novo Nordisk is also seeking an approval for a 2 mg […]

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