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It’s Chemistry, Not Character! *

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Evidence-based weight loss tools Clinical Nutrition Center has been helping people in Denver, Colorado with weight loss programs and long-term weight management support for decades. We offer the best evidence-based tools to lose weight and keep it off including office visits, weight loss medications and meal replacements (like Optifast). Every year, countless people come see […]

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What is medical weight loss? *

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Dr. Ethan Lazarus and the staff at Clinical Nutrition Center in Greenwood Village, CO have been helping people in Denver with medically-supervised weight loss for decades. But what exactly is medical weight loss? Obesity has been recognized as a chronic disease by the American Medical Association in 2013. That means it is now classified similar […]

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Saxenda Now Available *

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Saxenda, the newest FDA-approved prescription weight loss medication, is now available at retail pharmacies. We are excited to announce the availability of another new and novel treatment to help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. [Read more]

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Saxenda, a new weight loss drug, receives FDA approval today *

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I am very excited that today the FDA approved a new weight loss drug. Saxenda works differently than the other weight loss medications. It is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. GLP-1 is a hormone released by our small intestines that tells our brains it is time to stop eating. It is one of the important ways that we know to stop eating. Naturally, it is released mostly in response to eating protein and fat, and the process happens about 20 minutes after eating. [Read more]

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Saxenda: A new weight loss medication *

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This is an exciting year for weight loss medications! Hot on the heels of the FDA approval for Contrave, the FDA is expected to approve Saxenda, another novel weight loss drug soon. Saxenda (liraglutide) is an analog of GLP-1 (glucose-like peptide 1). GLP-1 is a hormone our small intestine makes in response to eating. [Read more]

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