Weight Management Strategies

Why keeping weight off is so hard, and 3 thinks you can do to improve your weight loss maintenance success! *

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We’ve all been there before – we spend 6 months working so hard to lose weight, but before we know it, we run out of steam. We get hungry at night, start eating carbs, and feel like our willpower goes out the window. Recent science has shed light on why sustaining weight loss is so […]

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Overcoming Impulsivity to Improve Weight Loss *

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One of the biggest hurdles people face when trying to keep weight off is impulsivity. Think of impulsivity as your ability to resist things in the moment – the bowl of chips on the table at a restaurant, the container of ice cream in the refrigerator, the candy drawer at work. A new study looks […]

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Modern thoughts about improving willpower *

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A new study published in the journal Cognition examines two types of willpower – synchronic and diachronic. Synchronic willpower involves exercising willpower in the moment – for example, trying not to eat the potato chips sitting on the table. Diachronic willpower involves modifying the environment so the temptation isn’t there – for example, not purchasing […]

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The 3 S’s of Weight Loss Success *

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One of my favorite things about working at Clinical Nutrition Center these past 18 years is learning from my patients. That’s you! You have blessed ME showing me that anything is possible! While every person I have worked with has ups and downs, trials and tribulations, successes and unfortunately, relapses, I have had the pleasure […]

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Weight loss medication plus exercise best for Maintaining Weight Loss *

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Most people I speak with are concerned about one thing – “How much weight can I lose, and how quickly can I lose it?” (Okay – that’s two things). The majority set personal weight loss targets far exceeding what is typically seen. I spend a lot of time counseling people on realistic goals and expectations. […]

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