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Weight Loss Tips during COVID-19 *

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A recent study shows that people with obesity have had many health challenges by the COVID-19 pandemic, including increased anxiety and depression (73% / 84%), difficulty in achieving weight loss goals (70%), decreased exercise time and intensity (48% / 56%), increased stockpiling of food (50%) and stress eating (61%). Does any of this sound familiar […]

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Benefits of Working From Home *

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Working from home these past couple months definitely has its challenges – trying to do patient visits while my 3 children do school at home, not to mention my talkative parrot Dixie who likes yelling “Hungry” during visits keeps things interesting, to say the least! I know this pandemic has been extremely stressful for all. […]

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Don’t gain the “Quarantine Fifteen” *

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Here in Denver (including Arapahoe, Douglas, Littleton, Bolder and other counties) weight loss patients are all having to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The gyms are closed and it is harder to get healthy options (let alone toilet paper) at grocery stores. What are people who have successfully lost weight to do to […]

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A True 200 Pound Medical Weight Loss Journey *

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In my nearly 2 decades of working with patients at Clinical Nutrition Center on medical weight loss strategies, I have had many patients achieve things I never thought possible. 20 years ago, I would have thought it impossible for a person to lose – and keep off – 200 pounds. But one special patient of […]

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Why Fiber is the Unsung Hero of Weight Loss *

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If you’ve decided to lose some weight, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to diet plans to follow. [Read more]

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