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The 3 S’s of Weight Loss Success *

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One of my favorite things about working at Clinical Nutrition Center these past 18 years is learning from my patients. That’s you! You have blessed ME showing me that anything is possible! While every person I have worked with has ups and downs, trials and tribulations, successes and unfortunately, relapses, I have had the pleasure […]

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Weight loss medication plus exercise best for Maintaining Weight Loss *

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Most people I speak with are concerned about one thing – “How much weight can I lose, and how quickly can I lose it?” (Okay – that’s two things). The majority set personal weight loss targets far exceeding what is typically seen. I spend a lot of time counseling people on realistic goals and expectations. […]

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How to lose weight without trying to eat less *

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It seems like every year there are a handful of best-selling books, aps, and web sites promising to teach you to eat a certain way and lose a miraculous amount of weight. From low-fat to low carb, low glycemic-index to adjusting macronutrient percentages, intermittent fasting to ketogenic diets – each suggests that their way of […]

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Rekindling Weight Loss Motivation *

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Holiday weight gain The holidays are over! For people trying to keep weight off, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, New Years Eve, family, guests, parties… — one after the other — these events make sustaining weight loss motivation a real challenge! Then in January, time to get back on the wagon again. But sometimes it can feel […]

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Rethinking Sugary “Treats” vs. Sugar “Addiction” *

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As the Holidays approach, I’m reminded of a discussion I’ve had many times with my kids. When they ask me for candy, I always ask them, “Why do you want candy?” The reply is always the same: “Because it tastes good.” Of course, I’ve taught my kids about the adverse effects of sugar, so I […]

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