Weight Management Strategies

Why do we eat what we eat? *

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Have you ever thought about why you eat what you eat? Is it simple? Do we choose what we put in our mouths? If only life was so easy! It’s now thought that there are actually three separate pathways influencing our eating behavior: A story I hear often is “I’m good all day, but then […]

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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain *

Posted: May 07 in Weight Management Strategies by

Make Sure Everything that Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas! Now is the time of year everybody is getting ready to travel: Mexico, Europe, South America, and yes, Vegas. People keep coming to the office not wanting to get on the scale because of their recent trip. Read on to learn tips and tricks to […]

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Key Strategies to Sustain Weight Loss *

Posted: Mar 27 in Weight loss, Weight Management Strategies by

“It’s not about the food!” If you have worked hard to lose weight, that is only part of the battle. Read on to learn strategies to keep the weight off. Sustaining Weight Loss Don’t believe everything you read – keeping weight off is actually a lot harder than losing it in the first place, and […]

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Why keeping weight off is so hard, and 3 thinks you can do to improve your weight loss maintenance success! *

Posted: Oct 04 in Weight loss, Weight Management Strategies by

We’ve all been there before – we spend 6 months working so hard to lose weight, but before we know it, we run out of steam. We get hungry at night, start eating carbs, and feel like our willpower goes out the window. Recent science has shed light on why sustaining weight loss is so […]

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Overcoming Impulsivity to Improve Weight Loss *

Posted: Sep 11 in Weight loss, Weight Management Strategies by

One of the biggest hurdles people face when trying to keep weight off is impulsivity. Think of impulsivity as your ability to resist things in the moment – the bowl of chips on the table at a restaurant, the container of ice cream in the refrigerator, the candy drawer at work. A new study looks […]

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