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Obesity is not your fault *

Posted: Feb 04 in Obesity Medicine by

Blaming a person for their weight is about as helpful as blaming them for their height. While science has shown that obesity is a disease largely driven by biology, many people living with obesity continue to be blamed for their weight by others, or worse, blame themselves for their weight. Studies have shown that obesity […]

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Weight Loss Lowers the risk of Heart Attack and Stroke *

Posted: Nov 11 in Weight loss, Weight Loss Medication by

Today, November 11th 2023, represents a tipping point in the treatment of obesity. For decades, doctors have viewed obesity as a cosmetic issue, and have resisted treating it with medications due to safety concerns prompted by drugs of old like “Fen-phen” which were released with inadequate safety studies and resulted in harm. Today, for the […]

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Zepbound™ (tirzepatide) Approved for Chronic Weight Management *

Posted: Nov 08 in Weight Loss Medication by

The most effective medication ever seen for weight loss was approved by the FDA this morning. Zepbound™ contains the same active ingredient as Mounjaro™ (tirzepatide). Much like Novo Nordisk markets semaglutide as Ozempic™ and Rybelsus™ for diabetes, and Wegovy™ for chronic weight management, Zepbound™ is identical to Mounjaro™, but is indicated for medical weight loss. […]

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Treatment vs. Weight Loss Maintenance – What’s the Difference? *

Posted: Nov 03 in Weight Management Strategies by

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Michael Rosenbaum from Columbia University speak at our Obesity Medicine Association Conference on the topic of why maintaining weight loss is so hard. He has been engaged in research on this topic for decades, studying the effects of weight change on body metabolism. In his studies, after a […]

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Why do we eat what we eat? *

Posted: Aug 15 in Weight Management Strategies by

Have you ever thought about why you eat what you eat? Is it simple? Do we choose what we put in our mouths? If only life was so easy! It’s now thought that there are actually three separate pathways influencing our eating behavior: A story I hear often is “I’m good all day, but then […]

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