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The Obesity Pandemic *

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While most of the news and attention these days has been directed at the COVID-19 pandemic, little attention has been spent on the obesity pandemic, in spite of the fact that there are many similarities between the two. Obesity Prevalence has Doubled to Tripled Obesity rates across America (and the world) have doubled to tripled […]

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Weight loss as a hobby instead of a chore *

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Many people embarking on a journey to a healthier weight view this journey as one of deprivation, discomfort and self-torture. Imagine not being able to eat the foods you like and being hungry all the time. Or, imagine getting yelled at by a personal trainer, being told to exercise for hours and hours a day […]

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What to do when you slip-up *

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A wise mentor once told me that “Weight gain is part of every successful weight loss program.” If that is true, why do we all too often beat ourselves up when we slip up? I see the same story every day – a person has lost a lot of weight, kept it off a long […]

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When to Stop Weight Loss Medication *

Posted: Jun 29 in Weight Loss Medication by

Perhaps the most common question I get from both referring doctors and patients is, “When should weight loss medication be stopped?” In the good old days, it was thought that if a person could lose weight and keep it off for a time, the body would accept this lower weight as a new setpoint, and […]

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Invest in Yourself *

Posted: Jun 22 in Weight Management Strategies by

When is the last time you did something nice just for yourself? So many people who begin a well-intentioned weight loss effort find that they hit barriers to weight loss and that they are prone to regaining the lost weight. In spite of working really hard to control their calories and increase physical fitness, the […]

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