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Saxenda Now AvailableSaxenda, the newest FDA-approved prescription weight loss medication, is now available at retail pharmacies.

We are excited to announce the availability of another new and novel treatment to help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. Saxenda is a once daily injectable medication. It contains a compound similar to a substance your body makes naturally called glucagon-like peptide 1, or GLP-1. Have you ever noticed that about 20 minutes after you eat a meal, especially one rich in protein and/or fat, you feel a sense of fullness? Your small intestine releases GLP-1 in response to your meal, and this has a direct effect on the appetite center of your brain, signaling that the meal is over and that you shouldn’t be hungry.

GLP-1 type medications have been successfully used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes for the past decade, and now we have one that has been specifically studied and approved as an adjunct to healthy eating and activity for chronic weight management. In 4 clinical trials of over 5000 patients, those treated with Saxenda lost 8% body weight compared with 2.6% for placebo at 56 weeks of treatment. Saxenda also improved the odds of losing at least 5% and at least 10% body weight.

The molecule comprising Saxenda, liraglutide, has been marketed as Victoza for the treatment of type 2 diabetes at doses up to 1.8 mg per day since 2010. Saxenda is the same molecule but is dosed at 3 mg per day.

The product will have a boxed warning stating that thyroid C-cell tumors have been seen in rodents but that the risk in humans is not known. Liraglutide should not be used in patients with a personal or family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) or in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. It will also have warnings regarding acute pancreatitis, and should be avoided in those with a history of pancreatitis or at high risk for pancreatitis.

Because this is expected to be an expensive medication (~$1,100 per month), it is important for you to see if you have insurance coverage for this medication. If you are a candidate (BMI > 30 or > 27 with medical comorbidity) and have insurance coverage, you are encouraged to obtain any paperwork your insurance company will require and schedule a visit with Dr. Lazarus or Heather Thomas, P.A. –c to see if Saxenda might be right for you.


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  • Mariea says:

    I have 2 insurances and neither covers it. The PI supposedly states BMI of 40. At that rate I’d just as soon have gastric bypass. I did victoza for weight and worked in a drs office. It was great. I was hoping to do saxenda. Why make the product impossible to get?

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      Yes currently only about 1 in 3 insurance companies cover Saxenda for obesity treatment, which is too bad. The PI of Saxenda states BMI over 30, or over 27 with a comorbidity. Usually insurance coverage is determined by the employer – if your employer covers your health insurance, request that they add the coverage for Saxenda. Victoza can be covered for diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is the same molecule, but a lower dose than Saxenda (1.2 or 1.8 mg for Victoza, 3.0 mg for Saxenda). The patients I have on Saxenda have gotten it covered by their insurance and are doing extremely well – I am so happy to have such an effective treatment option available.

  • Glenna Ward says:

    I was prescribed Saxenda for awhile n it worked wonders but now my insurance doesn’t cover it but I still have a prescription on file for it so is there anyway I can get someone to send me the starter kit till I can find some way to get approved through my insurance?

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      Glenna – we do occasionally have sample kits, but generally only get 1 or 2 a quarter. If you need help call the office at 303-750-9454 and we can help with approval process. Also, Saxenda has a new tool online at http://www.saxendacoverage.com. This tool makes it easy to see if you have coverage or not. You can also call your insurance company pharmacy card number. If you don’t have coverage we won’t be able to get it approved. If not covered, there are other good options as well. Hope this helps. Dr. L

  • Melissa Garrison says:

    I was on saxenda but my insurance company won’t approce it and I lost 30LBS being on it. I love it and would love to be back on just not sure how to do it and my doctor has sent p.a to insurance company but won’t accept it.

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      I have sometimes had luck approving with letter stating that stopping is medically inappropriate, but unfortunately, insurers generally either cover it or they don’t. This is determined by the employer, not the insurance company. If your coverage changed, you should actually speak with your employer – here in Colorado, we have good coverage in our hospitals and technology companies, but lousy coverage in smaller companies. Coverage for Saxenda falls under “Lifestyle Medicine” – the employer needs to opt into this. Default is that it is NOT covered. Alternatively, could try a different anti-obesity medication like Contrave, Belviq, Tenuate, Phentermine, etc. Sometimes insurance companies use a tiered approach – want you to try one of the oral medications prior to the Saxenda. If no contraindications, Tenuate, Phentermine and Contrave all highly effective. Hope this helps…

  • Carrie says:

    My insurance doesn’t cover Saxenda, but covers Victoza. When my doctor submitted the Victoza for approval, my insurance denied it. What’s left to do?

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      Hi Carrie – Saxenda is indicated for chronic weight management, while Victoza is indicated for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. If desiring Saxenda for weight loss and insurance not covering, options are to use the Novo coupon, or send me a message through the contact us form on the web site, and I can send you some more ideas on obtaining it. If not covered the issue is your EMPLOYER, not your insurance. The default for weight loss medications is that employers are opted out. They are a sub-bullet under lifestyle medications. If desiring current weight loss / anti-obesity medications, ask the EMPLOYER to opt in to coverage. Hope this helps.

  • Sharon hector says:

    My insurance doesn’t cover Saxenda..I really want to try this med before trying to coming up with the money for something I’m not sure will work .I would like a free trial or can I just pay for 1pin to see if it works..The prescription is pretty high I would have to get a loan.
    I do have a prescription that was denied..
    Please help

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      I usually recommend calling your insurance and see if it is covered for you. We do generally have sample pens (free) for our patients that we can use if we want to try it before buying it. Patients with coverage usually only spend about $25-$35 / month. Without coverage it can be $1000-$1200 per month, but I have found a pharmacy where we can get it for less than half of that, and have other strategies I use to control cost. The other weight loss medications are also effective and far more cost effective if you don’t have coverage to use Saxenda as a weight loss medication. Hope this helps!

  • Tia says:

    I have been on several medications such as Trokendi XR, Qysmia, Phentermine, Contrave, and another medication I can not recall. My physician would like me to try Saxenda (18ml) because I have a heart condition and most medications are considered stimulants. However, my prescription coverage does not all coverage for the medication. Currently, I am 4’11 and almost 185lbs (with several medical conditions). Are there any discount programs were I would be able to pay a lower price for the medication? I just need to try something that will not cause additional issues with my heart condition and not cause me to go in debt!
    Please advise.

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      Thank you so much for the message. Yes there are some less expensive ways to get Saxenda. I will send you a private message with some more information… However, for those with coverage, most people pay around $25 per month, and some are even free. Here in Colorado, many of the large employers offer coverage – I’ve seen employees of hospitals have coverage (Rose, Swedish, Skyridge, Children’s), lots of tech companies (Lockhead Martin, Comcast, Century Link), some Oil and Gas companies, some financial companies (Fidelity) and so on.

  • Brigitte says:

    can you send me information on how to get saxenda at a cheaper price also. I’m having the same issues as the previous lady.

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      Hello – coverage is determined by employer. Request your employer add coverage for anti-obesity medications. I have had patients report to me that they are able to get a good price at this pharmacy: rxcanada4less.com

  • Christy says:

    I am interested in Saxenda, unfortunately my insurance does not cover it. Any suggestions?

    • Dr. Lazarus says:

      Hello – coverage is determined by employer. Request your employer add coverage for anti-obesity medications. I have had patients report to me that they are able to get a good price at this pharmacy: rxcanada4less.com

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