Clean out the Junk! Aimee Lazarus

Posted: Jul 14 in Health And Wellness, Nutrition, Weight Management Strategies by

As a mother with small children, I notice that my children ask for (and often demand) the foods that they see in the refrigerator or pantry. And if they don’t see it, well, they don’t ask for it, because in their minds, it doesn’t exist. As adults, when we get hungry, we often open the refrigerator or pantry and grab whatever is quickest & tastiest, and often times that is the least healthy option. A bag of chips, or one of the kids lunch box treats tempt us because they are staring us in the face.

That is why I have chosen to get it OUT of the house. If the junk isn’t in the house, it’s pretty hard to eat. Keep lots of healthy snacks and food around, and you will learn to crave them instead. Or you may decide that you really aren’t hungry at all, you were just bored and looking for something to munch on.

Ask your spouse, roommate or significant other to help you clear out the junk- few of us have the willpower to say no when someone next to us is eating something unhealthy. Instead of having ice cream in the freezer to tempt you every day, go out for frozen yogurt once a month. Instead of having chips in the pantry, keep rice crackers to satisfy your desire to crunch. Go ahead and do a summer clean out and leave only healthy snacks and foods in your pantry , fridge and freezer. You will be happy with the results and the weight loss, and your whole family will be healthier too!

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