Bariatric Physician (Weight Loss Doctor) Appointed to FDA Advisory Panel

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Ed Hendricks, MD, a bariatric physician (weight loss doctor) has been nominated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to serve on the Endocrinologic and Metabolic Advisory Committee (EMDAC). The FDA selects recognized authorities and top experts in their field to serve on such advisory panels. Dr. Hendricks’ appointment is remarkable in that physicians in private medical practice are rarely selected to serve on the FDA’s EMDAC committee.

“In light of the current obesity health crisis, we are pleased to learn that the FDA recognizes and values the knowledge of practicing bariatric physicians and the importance of obesity medications,” said ASBP’s President Larry A. Richardson, MD.

The EMDAC is charged with evaluating and advising the FDA on new obesity, diabetes and other related drugs. In 2010 Dr. Hendricks was called on by the EMDAC to serve as a temporary advisor to the FDA during its review of an anti-obesity medication. In selecting a weight loss doctor to now serve on the committee for a four year appointment, the FDA has acknowledged Dr. Hendricks as a recognized authority obesity treatment.

Through his research, Dr. Hendricks has demonstrated that anti-obesity drugs can be an effective way to treat various diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, and several types of cancer.

“Dr. Hendricks will provide the FDA with the clinical background and expertise required in order to thoroughly evaluate new obesity drugs as they are presented,” said David Bryman, DO, ASBP’s President-Elect. “Through his many years of experience as a bariatric physician, Dr. Hendricks understands the risks and benefits associated with anti-obesity medications, and his input will be extremely valuable to the FDA and the overall health of our country.”



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