What is a Weight Loss (Bariatric) Doctor?

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Ethan Lazarus, MD

Weight Loss Doctor Denver / Bariatric Doctor Denver

A bariatric (weight loss) doctor is a doctor with advanced training in obesity medicine. By Doctor, this means an individual with an M.D. degree (or D.O.)

So, why see a weight loss doctor rather than a commercialized weight loss program or just seeing your family doctor? Well, first of all, family doctors in general receive no training in nutrition or weight management. Commercialized weight loss programs, on the other hand, are businesses designed to sell product (in general), not to manage the medical condition of obesity.

A properly trained weight loss doctor can prescribe FDA approved medications for weight control, can manage other health conditions in a way to help control weight, can diagnose and treat related medical problems, and can keep your health in the forefront when making medical decisions. Dr. Lazarus, a weight loss doctor in Denver, CO, can not only manage obesity, but can adjust blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and depression medications along the way, and help treat you as a person, not just focus on the number on the scale.

Would you trust your diabetes, heart disease, or cancer treatment to a non-physician? Your health deserves the highest level of respect. Obesity should receive the same level of treatment as other life-threatening medical conditions. You deserve the best.

Dr. Lazarus is a Board Certified Family Doctor practicing full time as a weight loss doctor in Denver. He regularly attends the best medical weight loss conferences in the country including those hosted by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, The Obesity Society, and the Harvard Practical Approaches to the Treatment of Obesity course. Combining the skills of a properly trained doctor with a Registered Dietitian trained in obesity management, success is only a phone call away.

If your weight is keeping you from achieving a happy, healthy life, consider the benefits of medical weight loss with a properly trained bariatric doctor in Denver. Click here to learn more.

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