COVID-19 Vaccine Information: Your Questions Answered

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[Updated 3-3-2021]

Vaccine finder web sites

JUST IN: New Link To Register with HealthONE:

Vaccine access improving March 5th then again March 21st.
Now is the time to be sure you are signed up so you can receive a vaccine and be protected from this virus.

Guidance for Vaccinated Individuals

3 Options to Choose From
In addition to t he Moderna and Pfizer mRNA 2-dose vaccines, Johnson and Johnson now has a 1 shot vaccine available, approved by the FDA for use on 2/27/2021. This single shot offers reasonably good efficacy against Covid-19 infection, and significantly reduces risk of transmission and/or bad outcomes. This should be available soon. Further, it will be easier to distribute as it only requires simple refrigeration.

Which one should I get?
Generally speaking, I would recommend CNC patients get whichever vaccine they have access to first!

Should I get the vaccine?

I am recommending that barring a medical contraindication, all CNC patients receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. COVID-19 has killed roughly 400,000 Americans thus far, approaching the deadliness of heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. Significantly more contagious strains are rapidly starting to spread right here in Colorado.

I received my first dose last week, as did the majority of the CNC staff.

Does CNC have the Vaccine Available?

We have been receiving many questions about the COVID-19 vaccinations that are now available. Although we did try and order vaccines for our patients, to date, we do NOT have any vaccines available. If we do receive any doses, we will send an announcement.

Who is eligible for the vaccine now?

According to, we are currently in phase 1B.2, so Coloradans age 70 or more, moderate risk health care workers, firsts responders, frontline essential workers and continuity of state government workers are all eligible for the vaccine now.

Phase 1 B.3 – March 5th

Colorado will enter phase 1 B.3 on March 5th, expanding access to people 60 and older, or 16-59 with two pre-existing conditions. It will also include restaurant and agriculture workers.

High-risk health conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Diabetes
  • Down syndrome
  • Heart failure, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, or severe birth defects of the heart
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Suppressed immune system due to an organ transplant
  • Disabilities that prevent mask-wearing

Phase 1 B. 4 – March 21st

On March 21st, we will move to 1B.4. This will include people 50 and older, and the following “essential frontline workers” in these industries:

  • People 50 and older
  • Student-facing higher education faculty and staff
  • Frontline essential workers in food/restaurant services, manufacturing, U.S. Postal Service, public transit and specialized transportation, public health and human services
  • Faith leaders
  • Frontline essential direct care providers for people experiencing homelessness
  • Frontline essential journalists
  • Continuity of local government
  • Continuation of operations for state government
  • Adults who received a placebo during a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial
  • People 16-49 with one high-risk health condition (above)

Where can I get the vaccine?

These are the links I have been able to find. For many such as Kaiser and UC Health, you do not have to be a patient with them to receive the vaccine.

Current list at click here

King Soopers: click here

Safeway / Albertsons: click here

UC Health: click here

SCL Health: click here

Kaiser Permanente: click here

Salud health centers. Click here for more information.

Vail Health: click here

Eagle County: click here

Gunnison Valley: click here

Banner Health:

  • Center Summit View in Weld County
  • Fort Collins Lady Moon in Larimer County
  • Banner Family Medicine-Brush in Morgan County
  • Banner Health Family Care Clinic in Logan County


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