Fun Ways to be Active This Summer

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Fun Ways to be Active This SummerWhen making your summer plans, try to incorporate as much physical activity as you can into your recreational schedule.  Be sure to select appropriate activities based on your health and fitness level.  Some ideas to consider:

  • Plan trips to local zoos, water parks or theme parks.  A day of walking, splashing or just moving around can be a great way to reduce stress, burn calories and have fun.
  • Golf – walk the course! Join a golf league, take lessons or just get out and play. Playing an 18 hole golf course includes about 3-6 miles of walking.
  • Take your dog to explore local dog parks or dog-friendly hiking trails. Many of the dog parks and trails have hills and miles of terrain to get in a physical challenge for both of you. Some offer off-leash options as well. Check on-line searches or phone apps for a description and directions to local parks/trails.
  • Adopt a dog, offer to foster a dog or volunteer to walk dogs for a local shelter. This can be fun exercise, a great way to meet friendly people and a boost for your physical and mental well-being, as well as a way to help a homeless creature.
  • Rent a paddle boat to explore local lakes.  Many parks in the Denver metro area and mountain lakes offer hourly rentals.
  • Mountain or local activities: hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, fly fishing, etc.  Pick up a trail map, guide book or on-line search for descriptions and difficulty ratings to find trails and areas that are suitable for your fitness level.
  • Tour downtown Denver with the City Bike Rental system or walking tours. Visit museums, shopping areas, art/craft fairs, car shows, outdoor festivals, etc.  for more walking opportunities.
  • Have fun, be safe and share your ideas with us!

Liz Hurst, RDN

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