Healthier, Smarter, Holiday Eating-Start the New Year Right

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Healthier, Smarter, Holiday EatingThe holidays can be an eating disaster if you are not pre-planning and being careful to take care of yourself. The spirit of the holiday can lead to over-consumption of added sugars, saturated fat, sodium and alcohol. Thanks to the abundance of candy, pastries, cookies, high fat appetizers & eggnog (just to name a few), nutritious choices get squeezed out.

Holiday Smart Strategies:

  • Eat Small Portions
  • Prepare a GOOD breakfast daily-never skip meals
  • Eat slowly-try to be the last one to finish
  • Never eat a high calorie sweet or salty food alone-eat with the meal
  • Two bite rule-try tastes so you are not feeling deprived
  • WATER! Stay hydrated!
  • Fiber can contribute to a feeling of fullness
  • Carry Snacks-Protein bars, Turkey jerky, Fruit
  • EXERCISE! Pre-plan a time that will work for YOU!
  • Positive Talk….Praise yourself when you pass by high calorie foods!!!
  • Get 7 hours of SLEEP
  • Be aware of extra calories-for example…
    • Gin and tonic
    • ½ cup mashed potatoes
    • Dinner roll
    • Piece of fudge
    • CALORIES=622

Finally, try to tell yourself “How Healthy Can I Make This Day?” This puts your mind in a healthier mind set. Enjoy the Holidays!!!

Mary Ellen Doukakis, R.D.N.

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