Food can CAUSE disease. Food can CURE disease.

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Food can CURE disease

It is well established that certain types of foods can cause disease. Excess salt can elevate blood pressure and excess trans-fats can contribute to early heart disease. Have you considered that we can use foods to cure disease? In addition to weight control, medical diets can be used to address a wide range of medical problems including:

  • Diabetes / Pre-Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol / Blood Pressure
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Migraine Headache
  • Fatigue


An ongoing study called Look Ahead is looking to see if a modest amount (8%) of weight loss through diet and exercise is an effective treatment strategy. The results are already amazing – those with successful weight loss have much better diabetes control with less prescription medication. At CNC we’ve had a high level of success helping type II diabetics achieve excellent control, and have even helped many come off of insulin injections.


When it comes to high cholesterol, many individuals try a low fat diet, red yeast rice or fish oil, only to find that on re-test the numbers have gotten even worse. Statin drugs are the next step. A study this year demonstrated a dietary intervention that lowered cholesterol by 14%, similar to some prescription statin drugs, with none of the risks or side effects! We have put together a user-friendly version of this protocol.

JAMA. 2011; August:831-838


Reduce Risk of Death

Also published in 2011, a study showed that adhering to a low-risk lifestyle reduced the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) by 92% (lowest risk vs. highest risk life style groups) during the 26 year study term in 81,722 US Women! Low Risk Lifestyle:

  • Not Smoking
  • Achieving a normal weight (BMI)
  • Exercising 30 or more minutes / day
  • Eating a healthy diet
JAMA. 2011;306(1):62-69

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Even IBS improves with proper dietary intervention. This past November, the Wall Street Journal reported on using specialized diet to improve symptoms of IBS by reducing foods rich in fermentable sugars.

If you are interested in managing your medical condition(s) through proper diet, call us at 303-750-9454 and set up a consultation with your Registered Dietitian to discuss ways in which YOU can take control!


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