Going Gluten Free?

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New Book Recommendation from CNC

Do you have a problem with wheat? My friend Elizabeth did, and in the process of figuring it out for herself, she compiled all the information to publish a wonderful little book for the rest of us! Her adventure with gluten-free cooking led her to help us to: “Be bold and create gluten-free versions of your own tried and true favorites!”

The book encourages a playful attitude toward gluten-free cooking. It is full of recipe ideas and tips that are practical and simple, making it a lifesaver for “newbies” to gluten-free living. Elizabeth’s label reading directions, shopping tips and fun recipes are organized in an irrepresibly positive package which readers will find helpful and easy to use.

If you think you have difficulties digesting gluten, ask your CNC dietitian to share some ideas from her copy of: Gluten-free Jubilee. Fast and flavorful recipes + Survival Guide Happy Healthy Eating!

-Tracy Boykin, RD

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