Craig: 143 lbs Weight Loss

I have always been a beef or protein eater, and the ability to eat a lot of protein at each meal made this program easier for me. The other food aspect was that there are low fat, low carb substitute products available that I also enjoyed. I’m still enjoying egg beaters for four or five lunches each week. You get a lot of food without a lot of carb or fat intake. The other ingredient in my success was the exercise. I’m a creature of habit, and once I got started with the exercise, it just became part of my daily routine.

How has my life changed? Simply, I am participating in life now rather than spectating. With my wife’s and my weight loss, we are now a very active family, skiing, biking, and running with the kids. We are truly having FUN!

What made this time different? I guess the biggest difference is a subtle self confidence that I don’t remember ever having. That, and now I kind of enjoy shopping for clothes, whereas I previously dreaded the thought of shopping.

What was easiest about your weight loss plan with CNC? The above really answers this well. I would add that I really never was hungry. I frequently had to force myself to eat just to get my daily requirements.

What was most difficult? Initially, giving up some of my favorite foods/drinks such as bread and milk. These two were significant parts of my previous diet, and giving them up at the beginning was very hard. That feeling passed with time, and honestly now I have to remember to get my starch and dairy foods in each day. I don’t really miss them now. The other hard part was eating around friends and family and having to prepare meals specifically for these times. I’ve never been one to take a lot of time with food preparation, but this program really places a premium on that investment of time. It paid off in the end.

Tracy, I wanted to thank you, Dr. Lazarus, and the staff at the clinic for all your support, education and belief. I could not have been nearly as successful without you all!

Thanks again.