Life! Living! Happiness!

My diet controlled me; I was not in control of my diet and blamed it on diabetes. I took insulin 3 times a day to keep my blood sugar out of the 300’s and ate to make sure my sugar levels didn’t go into the 60’s. I was like a yo-yo…my moods, my weight, and my overall health was deteriorating and I was only 38 years old. I had high triglyceride numbers, fatty liver, and in general was not feeling like doing much of anything. I was nearly 220 pounds and my 5’ 2” frame could not handle that much weight. I had back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain.

In the summer of 2011 I researched my options within Kaiser Permanente. I finally got a call back from the weight management department after two months of playing phone tag. They scheduled me an appointment for two months later to meet with a Kaiser weight loss specialist doctor. I was told that I needed to get on the wait list for the next class that was offered and wait. I signed up for the next class that was not in the middle of a work day and that was not available until late spring of 2012. After another few months passed and I had gained another 10 pounds I decided I could not wait until May.

This is where my life begins! I went to CNC a week after I had made the call. I didn’t know what to expect because after all it was already January of 2012 and I had been trying for quite some time to get healthy. I began January 16th, 2012 and had lost 61 pounds by September! I had also lost 3 medications-Glipizide, R-Insulin, and N-insulin. I was so excited and so amazed. I had doubted it was possible. I had not been trying to exercise because it just seemed so exhausting to get up and try. (But now I can!)

I saw the results of being in control of my diet through the guidance of Dr. Lazarus, Tracy Boykin, RD, and the supportive office staff at CNC. I did weekly appointments, the Optifast meal plan, and then the modified fasting plan, and now I try my best to eat high protein-low carb meals.

I have a new confidence and renewed passion for life. I decided to change careers and go back to school to obtain experience for my new career. I still need to make sure I eat correctly and found out how fast weight gain can happen! (Holidays!) I try to do yoga, 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and ride the stationary bike for 15-20 minutes a few days a week or go walking 20 minutes a day, weather permitting. This will be a life-long challenge but the end result is worth it. Living life, rather than watching life pass by because of being overweight, has given me hope and passion to achieve happiness and satisfaction. My diabetes is nearly undetectable and my A1c that was 9.4 when I began taking insulin, now is down to 5.8-completely insulin free but controlled with diet and support from CNC. Thank you CNC! You have changed my life!