Nancy: 39 lbs Weight Loss

At my annual physical, I mentioned to my doctor that I was going to try another weight loss program and attempt to get off my extra weight. My physician scolded me and told me that the weight loss programs are geared for gaining back the weight you lose so that they can make more money. She said this time she was sending me to a doctor who specializes in weight loss. She said this doctor has had much success in the Denver area. That doctor was Dr. Lazarus.

I started on Sept. 26 at 216 pounds on my five foot four inch frame. Dr. Lazarus and I decided on the Protein Sparring Modified Fast as my first plan. Today is Dec. 29 and I have lost 43 pounds so far and I am close to my goal weight. That is 43 pounds in 13 weeks! I have gone from a size 18 to a size 12. I feel great and I’m looking good! Everyone notices my new look.

My job requires that I travel a few times a month. This has always presented problems for me because of eating out every meal. My excellent dietitian, Lisa Innis, helped me plan what to eat the first time I traveled. She told me to get an insulated lunch bag and take my food with me. I put turkey, ham, string cheese, and cucumber in the bag and took off. In my purse I carried beef jerky and almonds. She helped me plan every meal for the days I traveled and it was so successful, I have continued to travel with my food every time. Even if I go to a restaurant I carry food in my purse in case I don’t find anything on the menu I could order.

I have lost from 1.9-7 pounds every week I have been on this plan. I was on the low dosage of appetite suppressant and ended up halving those. I have energy, I sleep at night, I have energy for working out, and I thrive on people noticing how I look. I also credit keeping a daily journal of everything that I eat as being valuable. I really don’t know how anyone could not be successful with doing this. Losing weight is never easy but losing weight this time has been the easiest I have experienced. Unlike other weight loss programs, I have not experienced hunger, dizziness, or fatigue.

The next phase is the re-feed. I am within a few pounds of that phase and look forward to adding more food groups to my diet. I am confident I will keep the weight off because of the education I am receiving from Lisa. I will be able to make good choices.

I would recommend the Clinical Nutrition Center to everyone. I hope that my success story will encourage someone else to feel as great as I do.