I have lost 185 pounds so far and that’s in about a little over 18 months. My doctor referred me to Clinical Nutrition Center because I needed to lose weight. I was at 371 and she gave me Dr. Lazarus’ name and also the possibility of surgery she gave me names for that.

I decided to try the dieting first before I went with the surgery route and I’m glad I did. I had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol; I was taking like 5 prescriptions now I’m down to 2. I have tried other dieting programs and they’ve always been a yo-yo type thing. It’s like fast loss and then turn around and put it back on again. But none of them have been as beneficial as this one.

I don’t have high blood pressure anymore and my sugar is under control. My eyesight has improved because of the sugar being under control. I just feel good and have more energy.