Peter: 48 lbs Weight Loss

Firstly, my grateful thanks to my wife who prodded, cajoled and praised me, every day. Second my thanks to all of you for helping me achieve the goal. You provided the means and encouragement. You may remember that I was a reluctant visitor to CNC. My wife suggested that I enroll to assist me in losing weight. I had recently had a TIA (mini-stroke) brought on by all the usual factors, stressful job, bad diet, poor exercise, no interest in looking after my health, high blood pressure (typical male symptoms). I had always prided myself in looking after my health. I felt that I could control my diet (and all the other issues) by myself. I noticed the creeping weight gain, but after all most of us put on weight as we get older. Also I never visited a doctor. The illness brought more than a touch of reality to me! I was shocked to be told that I was obese! Imagine that – me obese, perhaps slightly overweight but never obese!! Reality struck when Dr Lazarus measured the fat rolls. There can be nothing more humiliating than having your excess measured. What a horrible idea, but it works.

Here are the vital statistics (engraved in my memory for life):

  • Starting weight 229lbs Size 44 waist Height 6’ 1”
  • End weight 181 lbs Size 34 waist Height no change (but did you know that your shoe size decreases? In my case by almost a size, from a size 12 to a size 11 – imagine that)
  • I followed the exchange plan –I did very well on this plan as I am disciplined enough to be able to make the correct choices and measure the servings each time. After a while it becomes easy to judge a serving, but I still regularly check the servings. I did not take any appetite suppressors.
  • The weight loss has impacted my life. I needed to make sure that I did everything needed to prevent another TIA. The weight loss has ensured this. I am able to control the high blood pressure with diet alone. I still take cholesterol medication but the cholesterol level has been halved, due in great part to the weight loss.
  • One looks so much better! Clothes look better. NO more baggy tee shirts and bulging pants. And by the way, for a guy, going to the bathroom is no longer guesswork!
  • I feel great – my wife caches me preening in front of the mirror, and why not?
  • Friends are very complimentary. Depending on which family member, from wonderful to looking too gaunt.
  • No weight loss program is easy. This was really only one of two attempts at weight loss. The previous time I lost about 20 lbs but gained it very quickly.
  • Looking back, it has been very difficult. The program itself is very user friendly and it does work. What is difficult is after the first few weeks.
  • I have learned that there are no free moments when one can cheat. It requires constant vigilance at all times

TIPS – I have many so here they are:

  • Weigh often at the CNC and at home. It is important to pick up any weight gain and take immediate action.
  • Measure the servings – less is best.
  • Become knowledgeable about the nutrition content of the food you eat. I have concentrated on this. Some foods have fewer calories but the nutritional content is poor, meaning that one feels hungry even after eating.
  • Beware the office food – keep far away.
  • When eating out, and the size of the portions cannot be measured, do not eat the whole lot – leave some behind!!
  • Exercise and exercise often. I have taken to walking a lot, most work days at lunch for about 30- 40 minutes. I also work out in the evening for about 45 minutes using a stationary bike and weights. On the weekends, I try to be as active as I can. I have found that I gain a few pounds quickly if I do not exercise enough.
  • Ask the CNC to measure your metabolism. I was measured and found that I only need about 1800 calories a day! This is not much. The lesson is that we do not need as much food as we believe. This has been an important tool for me as I can adjust the food intake as needed i.e. if I have an active day, I can relax with a reward (chocolates!), if not then I must sit it out.
  • In the end, there can be no break in watching the weight.
  • Do not listen to people who say that you look too thin – be your goal weight and enjoy it.
  • Also, do not be tempted by the well-meaning friend who presses food on you. This is well meaning but really very unkind.

Finally, I never thought I would reach the goal weight. After Dr Lazarus finished with the calipers he announced that I needed to weigh between 167 and 182 lbs. Dream on I thought, setting an internal goal of 200 lbs. But here I am at the top end of the goal weight. Many thanks for your support.