Dino: 118 lbs Weight Loss Success

After successfully not smoking for 5 weeks, I came to Clinical Nutrition Center and started dieting on October 2nd. I weighed 299 lbs. I met with Heather and started the program that was designed for me. I instantly saw results, felt results, and after seeing Susan every week and sticking to the program after 3 months I had lost 60 lbs. I was doing nothing more than following the program and had worked up to 60 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. My goal was 180 lbs, I was ½ way there. After reaching the ½ way point, I added weight training to my routine 3 days a week. So now I was doing 6 days of cardio (45 minutes to an hour) and 3 days of weight training. Still sticking to the program and seeing Susan weekly. Needless to say 3 months later and I was at my goal. I had lost 120 lbs.

I was asked many times how did I do it, how I transformed myself so drastically. I gave the same answer every time, diet and exercise. There is no magic solution to weight loss. Clinical Nutrition Centers can lay out a plan for you, you have to follow it. They gave me the tools to help me get to my goal. The weekly counseling with Susan enforced that I was moving in the right direction. She always offered additional advice, observations, or another point of view to help me through the difficult times. I could not have done this without her help, and with the program Clinical Nutrition Center put together for me.

However, I must point out that the road to health is more mental than physical. You must be prepared mentally to do what it takes, to follow the program, to listen to their guidance, to drive yourself to exercise. You have to be prepared mentally to loose weight, just like I was prepared to quit smoking. Needless to say, people are amazed that I quit smoking and lost 120 lbs at the same time. However between the diet put together for me by Clinical Nutrition Center, the exercise I committed to doing, and the desire to become healthy and to live my life without being chained to food and my weight, I was able to do it.

It is now 4 months since I hit my goal weight, I currently weight 185 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I did gain back 5 lbs, but since hitting my goal, I have lost an additional inch of my waist while gaining back the 5 lbs. You can come off the program, but keeping exercise in your life is critical to keeping the weight off in my opinion. I still watch what I eat, however, with the proper exercise I am keeping the weight off just fine. The program works.