Margaret S: 40 lbs Weight Loss

Sometimes all one needs is an example or someone to look up to. Would you believe it was my younger daughter, Angel? She lost 45 pounds three years ago and by keeping focus on her goals she is keeping the pounds down. When asked how she lost her weight she stated, “Clinical Nutrition Center and her registered dietitian Mary Ellen.”

So when my husband and I moved to Colorado, I told my husband I needed to lose weight or I would die. Angel’s results were all I needed to know that this was a good plan, so I took action and lost over 40 pounds. I am now the weight I was 10 years ago and I feel great. I have gone from size 18 to 12 jeans, can you believe at 66 years old one can lose weight?

I would like to THANK Clinical Nutrition Center and Mary Ellen, my registered dietitian for being there when I needed you the most to achieve this weight loss. Also THANK YOU Angel for being my living example, I also realize with my lifestyle changes I need to keep focus to maintain a long-term success.