Dr. Lazarus works to improve obesity care in America

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Dr. Lazarus speaking in ChicagoLast week, Dr. Lazarus attended the American Medical Association annual meeting in Chicago. As the delegate for the Obesity Medicine Association, Dr. Lazarus is working to improve obesity care. There were three exciting developments at this meeting:

  • Dr. Lazarus introduced – and passed – a resolution in the AMA house of delegates calling on the AMA to work towards reducing weight bias. The resolution calls for doctors at AMA meetings to use person-first language (people with obesity vs. obese patient) and to use non-stigmatizing terms (unhealthy weight vs. morbid obesity). It also calls on the AMA to educate doctors regarding the necessity to properly equip their offices for patients of all sizes. See a press release here.
  • Dr. Lazarus gave the first-ever session on obesity for AMA attendees. His 90 minute session was titled “Current Concepts in Obesity Medicine.
    The hall was packed, and attendees were able to claim 1.5 hours of medical education credit for attending!
  • Dr. Lazarus hosted an obesity caucus. He formed this caucus several years ago. The room was filled with delegates from different states and specialty societies brainstorming how to leverage the AMA to improve obesity care.

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