Dr. Lazarus Helps to Launch Major New Clinical Management of Obesity Journal

Posted: Feb 22 in Medical Weight Loss News, Obesity Medicine by
Obesity Pillars

One of the major problems people with obesity face is the lack of training and understanding by the clinicians who treat them. Many doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants really don’t understand that obesity is a chronic disease. They have not received training in the evidence-based treatment strategies that actually work – like intensive lifestyle intervention, healthy nutrition, physical activity, weight loss medications, or even bariatric and metabolic surgery.

“Obesity Pillars” is launching to change all of this. No more “Fat Shaming” by your doctor. No more being told that the reason you are struggling with your weight is because of too much food or too little movement. We know that although personal choices do impact the body weight, the two main determinants of your body mass index are genetics and environment. Ignoring these and focusing just on food will not improve health outcomes for anybody.

“Obesity Pillars” is an open access, peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal being launched now by the Obesity Medicine Association. To read Dr. Lazarus’s “President’s Perspective” article which is leading off the launch, click here. Or, to view the full first edition, click here. I realize that this journal is written for clinicians, but I think everybody could benefit from a little bit of science now and then 🙂

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