More Medical Weight Loss Updates…

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More Medical Weight Loss Updates...Over the past couple months, I published several articles on important updates regarding medical weight loss. In case you missed them, I wanted to give you quick links to each article:

  • The Energy Gap: Why is it so hard to maintain weight loss? Perhaps the Energy Gap is the best explanation…
  • Fructose: What makes fructose different from other sugars? Is high fructose corn syrup really that bad?
  • Carbohydrates: Why are low carbohydrate diets effective for weight loss and weight loss maintenance?
  • Gut Hormones: Modern medicine has identified many of the reasons why we eat. It is NOT just willpower or personal choice; rather, our eating behavior is largely guided by what our guts tell us. Read more about this advancing science, and learn some important tricks for improving satiety and feeling less hungry by recognizing these important hormones.

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