Weight Loss for Men

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As we celebrate Men’s health month this June, how are we doing addressing obesity among men in America? Are men receiving evidence-based weight loss treatments?

Men are just as likely to suffer not only from obesity, but from the 236 other medical problems related to obesity. In fact, men with a very elevated body mass index (BMI) statistically live 8 years less than their normal BMI counterparts, vs. women who lose ~6 years. It is hoped that achieving a healthier BMI can restore lifespan, reduce medical problems, and improve quality of life.

Yet in spite of this fact, on average 80% of individuals involved in structured weight management programs like those offered at Clinical Nutrition Center are women.

A recent study found that among 14 Million adults with obesity, only 1.4% were treated with prescription FDA-approved weight loss medication(s) by their doctor (now called anti-obesity medications). And, 75% of those treated were women.

So, statistically speaking, only 25% of 1.4% (.3%, or 3 out of 1,000) of men receive treatment with FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications.

This isn’t a trend that is seen with other diseases. For example, for people with type 2 diabetes, an equal percentage of men and women receive treatment, and 86% of those affected are on prescription FDA-approved medications.

Although this may sound grim, in my experience, men who engage in medical weight loss programs can have awesome results. I have seen my male patients lose weight, and as a result push their diabetes into remission, normalize their blood pressure, and even come off of cholesterol medications. I’ve seen men avoid knee and hip surgeries that they thought they needed. Some of my men at higher BMI for whom weight loss surgery had been recommended have lost enough weight that they no longer need surgery.

I’ve seen men maintain a healthy BMI for over a decade. I’ve seen men go from no structured physical activity to running marathons and doing 100 mile hiking adventures. I’ve seen men who have lost weight summit some of the highest peaks in the world.

If you or somebody in your life is struggling with obesity, don’t be afraid to seek treatment. Our staff at CNC is here to help men and women alike. We customize men’s weight loss programs with food plans for each individual taking gender into account. For example, the amount of protein we recommend is customized based on gender. We also sometimes choose different weight-loss medication options based on gender, and even different meal replacement options.

If you’d like to take control of your weight, your BMI, and your health, we are here to help! Celebrate Men’s Health Month by getting some weight off, improving your BMI, and feeling better.

Happy Men’s Health Month!

-Dr. L

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