What is CNC doing to help address obesity treatment?

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At CNC, our registered dietitians have always been the cornerstone of our treatment programs. This really differentiates us from other options. Registered dietitians I believe are the best resource for not only individualized weight loss programs, but for behavior modification, accountability, and long-term maintenance.

We have continued to innovate and improve our meal plans. There is plentiful evidence these days that the Very Low Calorie Diets are not necessarily the best approach. While these dominated our approach as recently as 8 years ago, these days the majority of our patients pursue non-ketogenic diets. We utilize the Advanced Program with great success, and even have a high success rate at getting diabetics off of many medications including insulin through better management of carbohydrate intake and optimizing the protein amount.

We launched the full suite of Optifast Programs this year too. These are extremely easy and safe full meal replacement programs that unlike others do not put an individual into ketosis. In clinical studies the typical Optifast patient (average BMI 39) loses 52 pounds over 22 weeks before transitioning to a long-term maintenance program. Some patients go on to lose 75 pounds, 100 pounds or even more. It is my opinion that this approach to safe, reasonably quick and large volume weight loss compares favorably with Lap-Band surgery for a fraction of the cost.

Improved medical management options are also helpful. I actively provide consultation to our patients regarding their medical situation and how optimizing it can help enhance odds for long-term weight control. When appropriate, I always send a consultation note to help you manage your patients comorbidities in a fashion that may enhance long-term weight outcomes. A simple switch from Lantus to Victoza, from Glipizide or Actos to Januvia, from Paxil to just about anything else, from Elavil to Trazadone, or from Depo-Provera to an oral contraceptive can really enhance weight loss and long term weight control.

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