Saxenda, a new weight loss drug, receives FDA approval today

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the new weight loss drug saxendaI am very excited that today the FDA approved a new weight loss drug. Saxenda works differently than the other weight loss medications.  It is a GLP-1 receptor agonist.  GLP-1 is a hormone released by our small intestines that tells our brains it is time to stop eating.  It is one of the important ways that we know to stop eating.  Naturally, it is released mostly in response to eating protein and fat, and the process happens about 20 minutes after eating.

Saxenda represents a new way to not be hungry and works through this same pathway.  Imagine how you feel 20-30 minutes in to a meal – you really don’t want to eat another bite!  Saxenda will help decrease hunger, decrease appetite, and improve satisfaction.

Read all about indications, warnings and side effects with the official FDA announcement

This marks the 4th new anti-obesity medication approved by the FDA in two years.  And it means we will now have drugs that work with 5 different mechanisms of action.  This means that if one drug does not work well for a certain individual, we have several other options that work differently.  It also demonstrates how enhanced understanding of appetite regulation is leading to many new, novel and safe treatments.

Although approved for use, Saxenda is not available, yet – I will post information on our web site and our facebook site when release date, pricing, etc. becomes available.

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