Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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avoid holiday weight gainBelieve it or not, the slowest time of year at CNC is from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Conversely, the busiest time of year starts on January 1st. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that January comes along and everybody’s New Year Resolution is to lose all the weight gained during the holidays.

This year, why not be different? With these three simple tips, you can keep your weight steady (or maybe even lose a few pounds) ahead of the New Year.

1) Schedule

One of the most important things we work on at CNC is getting everybody on a schedule. This starts with a fixed bed-time and wake-up time that allows enough rest. Inadequate sleep is a major driver of weight gain (for biological reasons). Then, during the day, meals should be at a similar time, and similar choices each day.

For example, my personal schedule is this: I go to bed by 10:30 PM, wake up at 7:00 AM. I have a Greek yoghurt for breakfast before leaving the house and dropping the kids at school. Early lunch is an Optifast drink, then later in the day a protein bar. I stop at the Gym on the way home. Dinner is mostly protein and vegetables, and I seldom eat after dinner.

This routine has kept my weight stable for over a decade, and both my body and brain are used to it.

2) Don’t drink calories

Americans consume an amazing amount of calories in our drinks. The average American child drinks 50 gallons of soda a year (that’s 1 can a day). It is simply impossible for the human body to deal with these liquid calories. Instead of helping us feel full, they actually make us hungrier!

So, instead of soda, juice and sports drinks, choose water.

3) Avoid added sugar

For years we’ve avoided fat and salt. But really, we are getting saturated in sugar. The new food labels reflect this – they do a much better job of pointing out not only sugar in foods, but added sugar. Read your food labels – avoid foods with added sugar. (Although I’d make an exception to this rule for meal replacements where the sugar is balanced with protein).

There you have it. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

-Ethan Lazarus, MD

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