Dieting: On a Budget

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Dieting Saves Money!

Penny pinching seems to be the trend for most people with the current economy, but that doesn’t mean your waistline should be affected. Many people may run to their comfort foods as soon as times get tough or some may feel they can’t afford to buy the healthy food or nutritional supplements they used to. However, when we compared weekly grocery food costs (food costs when a person is not dieting) to weekly food costs while on our diet, dieting was actually less expensive. When your budget is tight, there are many options that allow you be on a diet and save money.

Here are some tips:

  • Continue to replace some meals and/or snacks with delicious meal replacements and protein supplements. Talk to us about your meal plan.
  • Start your meal with a low fat soup. Studies show that dieters eat less when starting with a low-fat soup such as our Chicken Flavored Soup!
  • Eggs fit in your budget and your diet. Add some low-fat cheese and veggies, and you will have yourself a meal. Two large eggs are only 150 calories. Or better yet, try our Cheesy Eggs with Vegetables. Perfectly portioned and full of nutrition, this would be a great part of any meal at a great price.
  • Frozen veggies are a good way to bulk up your dinner and stay within budget.
  • Get together with some friends or family and check out some bulk stores, remember to think healthy, and steer clear of processed food isles. Splitting the cost between the items can save everyone money.
  • Portion food into small re-usable containers to provide single serving calorie control.

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